Friday, August 26, 2016

When the third child turns one

Dear Isaiah,

In typical third baby fashion, you have been one for over two weeks now and I'm finally sitting down to write you a letter. In fact, I wasn't going to write you one here at all (sorry!) but then I was afraid one day you might look back on your momma's blog (although probably they won't be a thing anymore at that point), and realize your siblings both got letters every year. Then you would feel the angst and paint all the third children discover upon realizing they never got a baby book and their older siblings did.
You have probably realized by now that we might always be late. Unfortunately, you've found your way into a family where things lean full and hectic and mommy and daddy forget most-of-the-things-all-of-the-time. So really, this letter paints a picture of your life as a one-year-old in the Stanley Clan (perpetually running behind). In fact, just yesterday, your daddy picked Caden up a full half-hour late from kindergarten.
You, sweet Zay-Zay (as we've taken to calling you), are a such a joy to our family. On a pretty regular basis your daddy and I look at each other and remark on how we might be in trouble with this one. That wrinkled nose and mischievous grin get us every time. You are funny and silly, and especially obsessed with dogs. In fact, every time you see my phone, you take out your pacifier and pant with your tongue out, a clear indicator that you just want to use the snapchat dog filter. Since your momma is apparently a little too old to actually understand the Snapchat, this is the extent our Snapchat use.
Don't ever doubt how much your older siblings adore you, and how fun to watch the feeling grow more mutual the bigger you get. This is probably due to the fact that you are now less likely to be squashed mercilessly by all-the-love. You are a delight to your big brother and sister, and they fight (constantly) over which one of them can hold you and throw balls with you (one of your favorite pastimes) or feed you your dinner. 
You eat more than your older brother and sister ever did, and we are constantly amazed by your voracious appetite. Although you are quite adamant and selective about what your menu entails, throwing whatever you deem unsatisfactory straight onto the floor.
Since you have a big sister who basically aces all school work and reads on a sixth-grade level in second grade, and a big brother who has overcome heart defects and already had one open-heart surgery with another one looming soon, its a good thing you are so easy-going and fun-loving and able to hold your own in a family of big feelings.
You shared your birthday party with your super-hero big brother, and quickly stole the show with your funny cake-antics and those big brown eyes, which never fail to get comments from cashiers and waitresses. The ladies love you already, not that I can blame them. You love giving your big brothers (the even bigger ones, especially Ashton) high fives and tossing the ball to them.
It is so much fun for me to be your mommy, to watch your personality unfurl and grow with every passing day. Your wrinkly-nose and chubby thighs (I might be able to claim genetic responsibility for both of those attributes - you're welcome) make me smile and laugh and want to nibble you up. Beyond that, though, I can't wait to watch the bigger pieces of you unfold. You are stubborn and I know this trait will cause me many headaches, while also serving you well throughout your life. What I mean is this: I am grateful for every single piece of who you are, because I have learned that all of our greatest strengths are also usually our greatest weaknesses (and vice versa).

I hope and pray that you will embrace who God has made you to be, down to the tiniest freckle and personality quirk. I hope you always know how delightful you are, not just to us but to a Father who loves you deeper and more fully than we ever can. I hope this first year, and every year to come, only grows your roots deeper into the love and acceptance of your heavenly Father. That you might do great things for Him, perhaps, but mostly that you will come to understand that great things don't always mean big things. That sometimes the way up is down. That more than doing things, you are able to always rest into being. That you will breathe in His love every morning and lay down in His peace each night.

We love you to the moon and back our sweet baby Zay-Zay, happy (belated) first birthday!

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  1. He is just perfect. So tiny. He looks EXACTLY like his brother. Wow. Happy Birthday to your baby. You are a great Mommy.


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