Monday, May 23, 2016

On the Other Side of the Camera

I'm a photographer. And a writer. I don't declare either of those things often enough to believe them, but I suppose they are true. Nevertheless, I tend not to get nearly enough pictures of myself with the kids. Or of our whole family. I have more than enough pictures of the cutest baby ever, along with his big brother and sister. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of pictures of my kids in various states of candid and posed. But since I don't tend to let myself venture to the other side of the camera very often, I really treasure these sweet shots my amazingly talented friends Carrie and Megan took at my little sister's wedding last weekend.

Try not to freak out about how cute my kids are, or how talented my friends are. It's fine, but seriously.
Also, I am sharing these here mostly because I am currently completely at a loss for the best place to share and way to print/store/etc my family photos and such. I mean, I can only have so many pictures on the wall before I run out of space. And none of y'all want to see ALL the pictures I take, that would be absurd. But what, oh what, should I do?! Any suggestions are welcome. 


  1. what about a photo book or an accordion wallet? nice to see you in some of the pics!

  2. I'm dying over your matching shoes with your girl... that is adorable!
    how are your kids getting so big!!!!!!!
    Let me know what you come up with in photo storage. I cant ever find a good place to upload for memories sake as well. I used to use Shutterfly but they've changed it now & its so complicated.

  3. We love love love My Publisher. We make a huge (15x11") 100-page photo book every year and call it our yearbook. When you visit this summer remind me to show you. We all can't get enough of them, it holds a thousand pics, and they are such keepsakes.

  4. OH MY GOSH! Becca! I absolutely love these. What an adorable little family. The kids are ridiculously cute. It looks like fantastic day. I love your dress, your hair, your shoes and your fabulous purse. #RockStar

  5. So beautiful! I do a blurb book each year of our family. You can make them as long as you want and the quality is amazing for the price. Plus you download the free software and work offline so it works way better than the online programs in my opinion. They run 40% off coupons every so often so I usually wait to order till that. Then my 100 ish page books end up being Rkund 75-100$. I do 12x12 but there are other options. I blogged about it a while ago if you search "blurb" on my site it has a few pics and details as well as info about how I store the ridiculous jumber of pics I take. It's not a perfect system by any means but it works :)

  6. Ps just found your site from flower patch farm girl link and love it!!!


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