Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Favorite Podcasts (and many, many pictures)

I have been really bad at updating things around here (shocking right?), so I thought I should pop in with some links to my favorite podcasts. A big part of the reason I have no time to update is all-the-work-days, which have been consuming my time, but which also mean I have some car-riding time in which to listen to podcasts (the only time I usually actually listen to them is when I am in the car by my lonesome, which is a rare occasion indeed).

So for now, a few of my favorites (hopefully some new ones for all) that come highly recommended (by me, mostly).

* Nomad Podcast: I love their takes on faith and church in this podcast, and I especially enjoyed this episode where they interview Jamie Arpin-Ricci who does inner city ministry in Vancouver.

* Serial, Season 2: I adored season one of Serial (along with the rest of the world), but I was having trouble getting into season 2. My friend Sarah encouraged me to stick with it, and I'm glad I did because the farther into it I get, the more I am fascinated hearing about the army strategies in Afghanistan for community development and the ways we need to be rooted in a place for the long-term in order to bring about any lasting change.

* On Being: I love almost every single interview Krista Tippet does here, but I especially enjoyed this one with poet Nikki Giovanni and this one with Martin Sheen (because who knew he has been arrested so many times as an activist?!)

* The Liturgists: I feel like their latest episode, Black and White: Racism in America, is a must-listen.

* Osheta Moore's Shalom in the City (especially the one with my girl Shannan Martin, and the one with my friend Megan Tietz, both of whom chat about things close to my heart).
Also, it's Five8football season again, and Tuesday nights at the park are my favorite time of the week (come join us! I highly recommend bringing a picnic).

Two last things: 1- I will be going to the Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids next week, anyone else going to be there? and 2- I am going to try and send out our third family newsletter this week if anyone is still interested in signing up for that!


  1. When I first heard about Osheta's podcast (on Anne Bogel's What Should I Read Next, which you'll love if you haven't already discovered it), I immediately thought of you!

  2. Can't wait to check out these podcasts! Love the pictures : )


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