Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Newsletters and Support

Let me start off by saying that this post isn't about money, nor will I be asking you for money. In fact, I try not to talk too much about money around here, because awkward. For those of you who don't know, Adam and I run a non-profit (Blueprint 58), and Adam's salary is nearly 100% provided by personal donations from individuals. Most of our amazing village of supporters reads my blog, because they are also family and friends and some of the most crazy encouragers around. But here's the thing about being a support-raising missionary: it can be hard to feel free to tell the truth. I trust that our support team believes in what we do in Atlanta simply for the sake of obedience to Jesus, and not based on "results." But that doesn't always make it easier to be completely honest about discouragement, about losses, about failures. All that to say, I've been trying to figure out the best medium to write about the hardest parts of all of this life, because sometimes (usually) it might not be the public forum (duh).
If you received our Christmas card (which I just mailed last week, because #winning), you saw our handy QR code with a link to our family newsletter.  We've decided to send out a monthly newsletter that isn't a "ministry update" or a blog post (meant for anyone/everyone), but more of a "here's how we are really doing and what's going on with our family."

Be warned: don't sign up if you'd rather just not know about the hard stuff. Or if you don't want even more pictures and possibly poems, and the occasional recipe from Adam's kitchen. 

Interested? You can sign up for The Pretty Gritty: The Stanley Clan Newsletter and get it in your inbox once a month. Also, I promise you won't get more emails than just the one per month!
Also, I realize I never shared pictures from our Christmas in beautiful Colorado. You guys, we got a foot of snow on a mountain house in Breckinridge: talk about a picture-perfect time! Also, Zack is an amazing skier, and so is Jayci. I was totally impressed with both of them.

I am also amazing, mostly at sitting in the lodge and drinking coffee and/or wine.
Also, cookie-making contests and all-day pajamas? Ok fine.
Thank you (times a million) to all of you for the ways you continually love and support us. Also, if you didn't know anything about our non-profit and want to learn more, you can read about it on the Blueprint 58 website. Or you can email me with questions! And don't worry, I'll still share and be vulnerable here, because I'm usually not even aware I'm being "brave" in my authenticity until y'all inform me of that fact. I just wanted to have a safe space dedicated to sharing our deepest hearts and pieces of our lives. 

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