Wednesday, November 4, 2015

All the Emotions

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love halloween in our neighborhood. I mean, where else can you get candy from a biker gang doing epic wheelies in creepy clown masks?

I decided a while back that the whole family-costume-thing was going to be #offthebeam (a la Jen Hatmaker in For the Love). Unfortunately, even when I offered to buy my children whatever costume they wanted from Target, they were set on going as the emotions. Not even Elsa could melt their frozen hearts in this matter. So I gave in (setting firm limits = not my strong suit), and here we are: all the emotions from Inside Out. The most common reaction to our costumes was: what are y'all? So I feel like all my effort was totally worth it.
Our little sadness (with a turtleneck made from a legwarmer, obviously), was just the cutest thing. He was very cheerful and sleepy though, rather than sad. 
Caden's anger face was cracking me up. 
Also, Adam's fear face.
Our friends went as legos, which was absolutely amazing and their costumes were so impressive. Although 95% of the time no one would wear their hats.
I love Halloween because it really just comes down to throwing open our doors to whoever knocks. To building community in small and big ways by walking down streets together, meeting new people, and embracing even the teenagers who aren't wearing costumes.
Now, a few days later, our kids haul out their buckets every time someone knocks on the door and offer them treats. Because there is abundance and goodness and plenty to go around. And I am grateful for the reminder.

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  1. I honestly cant get enough of your Halloween picture - its PERFECTION!
    & your little sadness... OH MY GOSH - you should submit that to a contest!


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