Thursday, October 1, 2015

What I'm Into: September (and October #Write31Days)

This September (gone already somehow) I was mostly into this little guy and his big brother and sister. I mean, his face here says it all: are you serious mom
I'm also into these lashes and freckles. 
And this guy's big dark eyes. Swoon. 
And the finished treehouse for best friends to adventure in on perfect fall evenings. Again, swoon. 
I was also into Jayci's baking birthday party which mostly included mass amounts of frosting and sprinkles and very happy girls who ate and licked and kept on piling more on top. Because more is always better, right? I'm sure their parents were also very happy when we sent them home afterwards all hopped on sugar and with an entire cake of their own. 

Plus, look how cute these toothless girls are. 
Besides all that, I've also been reading voraciously. Nursing and holing up with a newborn has given me lots of time for snuggling up with my Kindle. 

I cannot stop reading Louise Penny's mystery series about Inspector Gamache (the first book is Still Life, but I'm currently on book 10. Cant stop, wont stop). I forgot how much I love a good mystery, and it helps that Penny's words are beautiful too. Plus, I kind of want to escape downtown Atlanta for Three Pines (which is the fictional setting of this fictional series, but still). 

And here's a few more articles I've loved from around the web lately:
*The Sanitized Stories We Tell (Sarah Bessey). This, so much this. Because it's exactly how I feel about Caden's story and how I feel like I'm not allowed to still think about how hard it was/is, because he's FINE now.
*Anne Lamott on Writing and how Perfectionism Kills Creativity (Brain Pickings). Because I love everything she writes, basically.
*5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fight for Justice (Austin Channing Brown)
*The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration (Ta-nehisi Coates for The Atlantic).
*About Guns (D.L. Mayfield)

Finally, a few people are writing series for Write31days that I'm excited about and thought I'd share, even though I'm not writing this year. Probably not. I mean I definitely shouldn't since I havent even thought of a topic or anything, right?

(last year I wrote about Walking - 31 miles in 31 days, and the year before I wrote about 31 days of listening. The year before that? margin). 

*Christina: He Met Me in the Dark. Her story and words are extraordinary. Plus, I love her and she mentors and sometimes feeds our boys and is generally awesome.
*Abby at Accidental Devotional: Fighting Scarcity. Because I always need this reminder: there's enough.
*Osheta: The Friendship Project
*Morgan (who basically lives more like me than anyone else I know) 31 days in the life of an urban missionary.

If you want to read more 31 days series in October, or join in yourself (dont do it Becca!) you can go to Write 31 days and sign up.

Linking up with Leigh Kramer, as always. Or as usually. 

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