Thursday, October 8, 2015

Less Gritty and More Ordinary

Some days there's no time for writing. Though really, I suppose, it all comes down to priorities. Because some days it's fall break, and the kids run amok after a particularly long night. The kind of late night that somehow never translates to sleeping in when you have kids. One of the great mysteries of parenting, the ways that sleep begets sleep instead of really-tired-from-being-up-so-late begetting sleep.

So instead we romp at the park with friends, then take over the chickfila play place for lunch. I gulp lemonade while Isaiah sleeps because early morning chills evolved into a toasty afternoon. Adam gathers camping gear, before heading two hours north into the wilderness with a few neighborhood boys and a friend to camp and hike. When Jayci sees them leaving she exclaims: oh so that's why we are going to nana and poppop's house, because daddy is leaving and you can't handle all three of us on your own. Busted.
The very hungry caterpillar.
The very hungry caterpillar
I drive the kids to nana, then spend time with a friend over cheese dip and margaritas. Again, Isaiah sleeps obligingly while we chat and browse books at Barnes and Noble. I picked up this one, and I'm about to climb into bed with a glass of wine to start it.

And so the day runs less gritty and more ordinary. Less fights and more obedience. A normal day with three kiddos and a neighborhood full of friends.

I may not have prioritized writing today, but I did put Isaiah into tiny costumes. He was mostly unimpressed, but I'm calling it (and today) a win.

This is day four (or five, I've lost count) in a 31 day series Finding the Pretty in the Gritty. Each day this month, I'll be writing on how I am finding pretty, even when things are gritty. Click here for a list of all the posts in the series. Or if you want to make sure you don't miss a day, feel free to subscribe (link on the right).


  1. Replies
    1. I know! isn't it just the cutest? Kills me.

  2. He is so adorable. I am glad you could have some cheese dip!

    1. Thanks friend :-) and I'm also glad about the cheese dip!

  3. Such cute pictures of your little guy. I was wondering if there is a place on your blog where you list the books you post about reading? I've been reading only christian fiction for the longest time because I've been afraid that non christian genres would have things that I don't want to let my mind get into, but I want to broaden my reading horizons and branch out a lot more and you seem to have such great and interesting picks! How do you pick books that are not christian based, but are still fantastic and insightful and know that they aren't going to be too "worldly" for lack of a better word.

    1. I just wrote a new blog post just for you :-)


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