Saturday, August 29, 2015

Two Weeks: A Study

The curve of your cheek, 
to rest the flutter of your lashes. 
Bow lips and long fingers, 
skinny legs and tiny toes. 

A life both complete and barely begun.
Deep blue eyes that search mine, 
asking questions I have no answers for,
and so I respond with a million kisses 
on the softest place of your neck.

Sleeping mostly in our arms
Or at my breast, 
where we have conversations 
in soft gulps and pieces of myself 
dissolved to nourish folds and chicken legs.

We rock together gentle,
the house strangely hushed in
latest night and earliest morning hours.
Finger curled around mine,
brow furrowed in concentration
then relaxed into sleep.

Hair swirled in cowlicks, 
dark and soft,
Knees curl into folds of skin 
and I caress them again,
obsessed with your newness
and the softest down covering your shoulders.
Sleep comes steady,
just not in the night.
And so instead I study rounded belly,
lines of a nose and furrow of a brow.
Hold tight I remind myself 
to these short days and long nights. 
To shadows and light
dancing fleeting across your face.


  1. Replies
    1. Just a few more months :-) counting the days! Well, not actually, because I dont have time for that . . . however, I seriously CANT WAIT!

  2. I love, love this. Those fleeting newborn days are my very favorite, and I tried to memorize every tiny aspect of my babies, knowing each day they'd look a little older and soon be kids instead of babies. How I wished I could slow down time. You've captured the beauty and sweetness of those first days so wonderfully. I'd relive every one of my children's first month if I could. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem.

    1. Thank YOU sweet friend. It really is crazy how much they change every single day. Seriously crazy.


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