Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Caden Turns Four

Somehow in the midst of nesting, and my belly swelling to capacity, and shopping for school supplies, and hoping every day that perhaps Isaiah might make his arrival, Caden turned four. His whole improbably beautiful and crazy story seems mostly like a distant dream. Until I am watching Good Wife (we just started season 6, so maybe we've been watching a little too much TV), and see a hospital room that looks a whole lot like the one where Caden was born, and where I will soon deliver Isaiah too. Suddenly my heart gripped with anxious remembrance of that day, with gratitude yes of course, but also with fear of what lies ahead for Isaiah. Because despite reassurances and specialists and clean bills-of-health, it's still hard to imagine that nothing will be wrong after everything we went through with Caden last time. 

All that to say, I have been ruminating on Caden's earliest days, and marveling over his energy and strength these days. He is vibrant and wild and shy and sweet and hilarious, and we wouldn't trade him for the world. 
We celebrated Caden's birthday a few weeks early, just in case Isaiah made an early arrival (wishful thinking apparently). Since we call Caden our little minion, and since he requested it, we had a Minion-themed birthday party ("theme" really just consisted of some hat-crafts and a cute little party guest from next door). 

Oh and a pinata. Also, let's talk about how Adam just handed Caden an aluminum bat and told him to swing away. Terrifying.
Adam's dad concocted an elaborate plan to build Caden and Jayci a playhouse all in one day for his birthday (and Jayci's too). So the whole family showed up bright and early and got to work (we have the best family, I know). I'll take some pictures of the finished product and post those soon for you, but we used the plans from The Handmade Home, and it turned out great. Too bad it's been approximately 100 degrees every day since then, so the kids dont currently last too long playing out there. But I'm certain that as temperatures cool, this will be their new favorite place to hang out. 

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