Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Isaiah's Nursery

To be honest, the nursery is actually not-quite-finished. But I posted a little picture of it over on Instagram today, and folks had all-the-questions about the fabulous shelves Adam made (of course he did). If I'm continuing with the whole honesty-thing, I don't actually have a lot of answers for you, because I basically just told Adam what I wanted and he crafted them using what I think might be magic. That said, I took some close-up pictures for you, and made Adam promise to give more details asap (although his list of "guest posts" on the blog is getting quite long, so I might have to figure out how to make it worth his while). 

Without further ado, I present way too many pictures of baby Isaiah's small bedroom. Also, I'll try and update when I put on the finishing touches, so stay tuned!
The whole room basically evolved from this print by one of my favorite artists, Emily Jeffords. If only we had all-the-money and I could have bought a bigger print. 

I found two large pieces of old door frame at one of my favorite little antique shops (Christine's Creations), and snatched up because that chippy paint in just the right color? Swoon. Then I asked Adam to make it into book and art ledges, which he whipped out using (as I mentioned) magic probably. 
Here's how it looks from the side, if that helps any of the DIYers out there. Again, I promise I'll try and cajole Adam into a more detailed explanation. 
Adam made these shelves for the room too, and they're just basically pieces of wood painted white and basic brackets from home depot spray painted with a matte gold. 
The glider, pillow, and rug are all from West Elm (thanks mom!), and that fuzzy white "sheepskin" is from Ikea, as is the lamp. Adam made the toybox (again, of course he did), and the magazine rack and crate/end table are from flea markets and antique stores.
Adam and Zack painted Jayci's room white, but we decided to keep the green chalkboard. The dresser is a hand-me-down from all three baby rooms, and Jayci and I did the art collaboratively (which means I tried not to freak out that it wasnt perfect). 
All three of our kids have one of these sweet sock monkeys from SockMonkeySupply, which are both well-loved and adorable.
The awesome sign is from House of Belonging. Related: I want to cover my entire house in their signs. 

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  1. So precious! All it needs now is a tiny baby :)


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