Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our Little Coconut

Every day, Caden asks me, which fruit is the baby brother today? He always wants me to pull it up on the app on my phone, so he can see if he really believes me when I tell him "still a bunch of bananas." Admittedly, most of the fruit/vegetable descriptors are fairly vague and unsatisfying. I mean, how many bananas are in a "bunch" and are we talking the small bananas, or the large ones? Regardless, I'm into my third trimester already (whoa), and the app dinged yesterday to inform me that our baby is now the size of a tropical coconut.
I'm happy to report that I'm finally feeling less nauseous. In other words, I'm eating all-the-food. Admittedly, less nauseous is still semi-nauseous and I still throw up a few times a week. But hey, I'll take that over a few times a day. I'm back up to my starting weight, and possibly even a few pounds past it at this point, so over-all things are progressing well. 
I also apparently have extremely low iron (so so tired, always), and have been having pretty consistent braxton-hicks contractions, which I never really had with the other two. The doctor said everything looks fine, and they're nothing to worry about right now - just my body's way of telling me to slow down. Ha, I told her: would you mind informing my three and six-year olds? And also, all the neighborhood children?  
Now that we're in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I've realized we better snap-to-it and get to work on shuffling all-the-rooms. I somehow managed to organize and purge both the kids rooms (so much for "slowing down"), and now Adam just has to finish making those bright-yellow bunk beds, and we can commence with the shuffle. I cant wait to show you all our plans for the shared bedroom and nursery (hint: I dont have an actual plan)
Because of the contractions, I've been having trouble sleeping. Combine that with the low iron and large amount of work, and I'm more than a little exhausted these days. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your prayers and encouragement. Seriously, yall are the best. In about two weeks, Adam is leaving for KAA with 50 kids from the neighborhood (who envies him THAT 12 hour bus ride?!), and for the first time in seven years, I don't get to go along to camp. I'm actually having a really hard time with the whole thing, feeling strangely like I'm mourning some kind of loss), not to mention feeling overwhelmed about staying home to take care of my own kids (who are currently mired in particularly difficult stages). In other news, we accidentally gave most of our baby stuff away to ours kiddos having babies, neighbors, and friends. Luckily we have a carseat left, so we can at least get home from the hospital.  
All that to say, we appreciate your ongoing prayers for our baby, our family, and our ministry. The ways we are carried by our family and friends (and even strangers) never ceases to amaze me. So thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. Also, I'm working on putting together our latest newsletter for Blueprint58, if you'd like to get all the latest to your inbox and/or mailbox, you can sign up right here or shoot me an email with your address.

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