Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I'm Into: March Edition

I've been thinking a lot about motherhood lately. Perhaps because I have another one of the way, or simply because of the constantly changing (and quite exhausting might I add) dynamics of a three and six year old, who alternately adore and can't stand one another.

So just in case you are one of the three friends I have on Facebook who havent already shared either of these gems from Jen Hatmaker on parenting, you are welcome.
I Wish Someone Would've Warned Me About These BIG FEELINGS
What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside) 
And some more articles around parenting that caught my eye/stirred my heart:
She Loves: Flawless
17 Modern Myths Making Motherhood Miserable
Raising Teenagers: The Mother Of All Problems 

And for those of you who really like Atlanta history and culture and enjoying knowing how race played roles in building the Atlanta we live in today: Where It All Went Wrong (Atlanta Magazine)

You know I cannot help but include good resources I find for understanding poverty, especially in America: America's Have-Nots: What it Means to be Poor

Some of you lovely friends/family/strangers like to follow along with our ministry (Blueprint 58), and I wanted to let you know that you can now also follow us on Instagram for more quick looks at the going-ons with our ministry. Also, Five8Football starts up again this week, fingers crossed for nice weather and no fights! Let me know if you're interested in helping coach/referee/provide snacks for the boys. We also started up a cheerleading squad with some of our younger girls, and could really use help managing those girls during the actual games (Tuesdays at 6pm). Let me know if you can help!

I binge-watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt over a few days, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Courtney. She did not steer me wrong, it's fun and funny - and that theme song? Always stuck in my head. Adam and I have also been watching Blue Bloods, although I have mixed feelings on the whole thing, which perhaps I can get into another day.

Also on her recommendation of Courtney, I started reading A Girl Named Zippy, which I'm loving. I also read The Girl on the Train this month, which was "good" simply in the fact that I couldn't put it down. Oh and A Spool of Blue Thread (which was also good, though slightly unsatisfying).

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