Monday, February 9, 2015

Circles of Life

We spent the last week in Costa Rica with some good friends of ours, celebrating our thirtieth birthdays and their 10th anniversary. It was amazing and adventure-filled, and also a nice break from the craziness of our lives (although it was really just more craziness of a different variety). More to come on our trip at some point, probably (I did, after all, take plenty of pictures).

Upon our arrival home, we found that in our absence a new neighbor had been born. One whom we were all quite excited to meet (my children were frighteningly enthusiastic about little man). Another neighbor died, one who had been married to his wife for 58 years and together they provided foster-care for over 70 kids. Two other neighbors lost jobs, one of whom was in the process of trying to move from renting their home to buying it. And then the day after we arrived home, following 36 hours sans sleep, our travel companions found out that their first home (which they still own and rent to friends in the neighborhood) had caught on fire and will most likely be a total loss. Circles of life, ebbs and flows that catch us up and sweep left and right with little regard for poverty lines or skin color. We remember the ways we belong to one another in mourning and in laughter and delight over new life.

Also, little Benjamin looks a little skeptical of Jayci. What he doesnt know, apparently, is the one he should be skeptical of is actually Caden. Always.

My suitcase is strewn wide across the room and laundry quickly piles under the weight of vacationing and unpacking. So for now, a few quick links of some interesting reads from around the internet while I was gone:
-Looking forward to reading and following along with this story.
-Not sure I could love this house tour any more. Swoon.
-One of my favorite writers on what love looks like at 2:07am
-A sweet friend sent us some essential oils to try and help with Caden's night terrors. I'm not saying anything either way because I'm very-much-not-an-expert, but I will say that Caden hasnt had a night terror since. . .
-You all know how much I adore Humans of New York. In particular, I love-love their latest posts and fundraisers for an at-risk school in Brooklyn. I also, however, felt compelled and drawn to this response from my friend Abby.
-I'm excited about this series on loving our neighbors over at (in)courage.
-Ok, I realize I love everything my friend Shannan writes, but I especially love when she writes about her biggest boy and systems of poverty, because she still manages to make it beautiful. Not to mention it feels familiar and close-to-my-heart. 

RSA Shorts: Dr BrenĂ© Brown, “Blame” from Gobblynne on Vimeo.

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