Friday, October 31, 2014

What I'm Into: October

Today is the last day of October (aka: Halloween). I wanted to share a little bit with y'all about why we love Halloween in our neighborhood, and why we celebrate at all (since a few people have asked). But I really just needed some cute pictures of my kids in their costumes to include in that post, which means that you're going to have to wait a day or two. Because you know I'm not on top of things enough to take ahead-of-time Halloween costume pictures. Nope. Don't worry though, this year's costume includes Adam being ridiculous (which I'm sure you could have guessed based on last year's banana and the super-hero business from the year before).

The good news is that I'm pretty sure I only ate about half of the halloween candy so far. My new strategy (which I will implement next year) is to buy only Reese's cups, because those don't tempt me in the least.

Mostly, I've just been taking lots of pictures for people lately. Tis the season for Christmas card photos. We did a few of these fun friends in the park, and my kids couldn't resist getting into a few - seeing as these are their best friends forever.
While we were there, one of our all-grown-up kiddos requested a few of her adorable baby girl, I'm guessing y'all are going to be as obsessed with her yummy dimple as I am.
Ok, without any further blabbing. What I'm into this month:
A show that makes me laugh out loud, even when I watch it solo.
And other shows that make me cry, but mostly in a good way.

When a book stays with me long after I read it.
A book about prison that's way better and less risqué than the show (duh, I should have guessed this would be the case).
And I love a good book with a historical story entwined with a present day one. Sometimes these are risky for me, if I care way more about one story than the other. But I'm halfway through this one - and it's definitely working for me so far.

She makes me laugh, which I'm always into.
And this one made me cry, and think about all-the-things.
I adore everything she writes, but this one is crack-you-open beautiful.


  1. I'm here for the link up! What cute pictures!!! Your Christmas cards are going to be beautiful!

    I like the way that you arranged the different things that you're into! Have you read many Jojo Moyes books before? I haven't yet...but I think I need to!


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