Thursday, October 23, 2014

Speaking of Caden's Heart . . .

The last week has been quite the reminder for us of all that still lies ahead with Caden's heart. One of the most reassuring things we felt coming out of our (nice and short) hospital stay this time was how completely well-cared-for we feel whenever we are at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. When Caden was born, we had no idea that anything was wrong with his heart (if you're new around these parts and haven't heard the whole story, feel free to take a minute and get caught up). The first question most everyone asked us (including all the doctors and nurses), is whether or not we knew ahead of time. And even though we did not know (eliciting much sympathy), we were grateful to the Lord for sparing us the stressfulness we probably would have experienced during the house-closing-debacle if we had known of what lay ahead for us with Caden. We were particularly grateful knowing that no matter how much googling and other research we would have done before Caden's birth, had we known about his heart defect, we would have ended up in the exact same place. CHOA is one of the leading hospital for pediatric cardiology and we would not have wanted to be anywhere else. We count our blessings for living in a city and a home where we are fifteen minutes from this hospital, making everything easier for us - from childcare for Jayci to showers and laundry and resetting our hearts at home when we had to leave Caden's side for rounds etc. We were grateful for the reminder this weekend of how well-cared-for Caden is while he's in the hospital with CHOA.

All of that to say, we are profoundly grateful to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. They saved Caden's life, for sure, and there is simply no way we can measure in words the ways they helped make some of the hardest weeks of our lives a little easier. The nurses and doctors were amazing, and they deserve celebrating for the hard and holy work they do day-in-and-day-out at CHOA. Because we are thankful, and because we want to pass along some of the encouragement and love y'all showered us with during Caden's hospital stay, every year we put holiday baskets together for the families who have to spend the Christmas holidays in the CICU.

A few months ago, when Adam and I were having one of our many talks about how we can possibly juggle all-of-the-things, I told Adam I really wanted to do the CICU baskets again, but I kind of felt like it was one more ball to juggle that might possibly make me drop all-of-the-balls. I am not good at organization, or having space for putting together baskets, or making sure every bag has one of everything (this is inexplicably very hard for me). Adam suggested asking his superheroes-of-organization sister and mom to handle the logistics for us, and I couldn't agree fast enough.

True to form, they are super-duper on top of things, and have already put together a fundraising page were you can go and donate to make these baskets a reality. I would love for you guys to be a part, particularly since you all played such a big role in making Caden's hospital stay bearable for us.

Truthfully, we don't know the next time Caden will be hospital. It could be Christmas, and I know how helpful and beautiful it would be for us to be the recipient of something like this. So if you could all go and make a donation (every bit helps), we would really appreciate it (and I know all the families with heart babies this Christmas would too). The money raised will go straight towards putting together baskets, as well as some sort of thank-you for all the nurses who have to work on Christmas day (and night) in the CICU.

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, y'all are awesome. For realz. Be sure to go visit the CHOA Christmas Basket page on YouCaring today :-) And thanks again!


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  2. I've been taking a few moments to catch myself up on your story, and Caden's story. I've been praying for your family and Caden. Your words are so encouraging to me, how you have chosen to believe the truth about God even in the hardest, darkest of times, facing a mother's worst fear. I've been so enjoying reading your blog.

    1. You are so so sweet and encouraging all the time. Seriously, thank you so much!


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