Saturday, October 4, 2014

31.3-4 :: Oopsy-daisy

I can't believe already missed a day! Actually, I guess I can believe it, seeing as I already warned you this wasn't going to go well. As a matter of fact, I did walk a mile yesterday. The problems creep in when I try to carve out time for both the walking AND the writing. I think it might be impossible.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but after we got back from CCDA (which, of course, was wonderful), some dear friends from the internets (Lori and Shannan) came and stayed at my house. Like my real-life house. I semi-cleaned, Adam made blackened fish tacos with avocado-cilantro dressing, and grapefruit margaritas. Also, homemade tortillas. Because, of course he did. He also finished the back patio. Proving, once again, that he has fully earned his Pioneer Woman title.
We went to IFCatalyst, where we heard an entire panel of fabulous women (including Jen and Ann, and the photographer with a dream-job, Esther), all of whom are following their dreams and leading people ever-closer to Jesus. I like hearing women speak about finding their voice and setting aside their fears to live out their calling.

Despite all the busy (which, as it turns out, still has a few days left including the UGA game today and shooting a wedding tomorrow), I managed to squeeze in a walk yesterday. The weather cooling in the late-afternoon breeze, I slipped on my shoes and snuck out in the quiet before the school bus filled the streets back up with all the children.

On the recommendation of the lovely Micha Boyett, I listened to Pray As You Go while I walked. Tracing a path through and around my block, I jumped when dogs barked and tentatively smiled at the guys working on their cars down the street. Grit and glass crunched underfoot, leaves already beginning to coat the street in a mosaic of gold and just-tipped orange.

In an attempt to learn even more from my experiment in walking everyday, I started reading Wanderlust: A History of Walking. I love it so far, in a pleasantly-surprised way. Which is why I've decided that every day, I will leave you with a snippet from the book (you are welcome - because rest assured, the lovely Rebecca Solnit writes about walking in far more eloquent and wise ways than I ever could. Though I suspect she also gets more sleep and alone time than I do, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Walking allows us to be in our bodies and in the world without being made busy by them. It leaves us free to think without being wholly lost in our thoughts (from Wanderlust). 


  1. Love this so much!
    The PW thing cracked me up.
    Miss your faces already.

  2. I Love. YOU. praying for you my sweet sweet friend!


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