Thursday, October 16, 2014

31.15 :: Because We Are People Who Pray

I'm going to spend my time walking today praying for my sweet friend Anita and her little boy Rocco 9 (well, for their whole family really). Since I told y'all about Rocco originally, they changed his diagnosis to Burkitts lymphoma, and he just finished his second of four rounds of chemo. You can follow his journey on his Caring Bridge site. I remember so clearly how this community prayed us through Caden's heart surgery, and I'm not certain we would have made it through that time without it. So I know that y'all are a people who pray, and that your prayers are faithful and loving and helpful and beautiful. Which is why I'm asking for you to raise your voices in support of my sweet friend. 

Rocco's daddy shared a few specific prayer requests on his latest journal entry at Caring Bridge: The next several days will likely be when his white counts drop the most and leave him susceptible to infection .... Please pray that God would once again supernaturally intervene and protect him from exposure. Please also pray that the side effects from the chemo would be radically less than advertised.

Thank-you for the ways you pray for and with me, and even for following me along my 31 miles. Y'all are the bomb. 


  1. Praying. Along with another little boy I've been praying for. It makes my heart hurt to think about families suffering like this. Comforted by God's control over all things, but life is sad and hard...reminded that this is not the way it's supposed to be, makes eternity look that much better.

    *I'm enjoying your blog.

  2. Praying for Rocco. Asking God for a miracle. xoxoxo


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