Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I'm into: September Edition

The breeze has taken a cooler hue, night falls quicker and the sun sinks more golden as shadows lengthen and fall approaches. I adore fall in Atlanta: the sky wears a particular shade of blue like a favorite sweater, the temperature hovers right around my ideal (78 degrees, approximately). The front swing has developed a squeak from over-use, and the windows fling open most nights to let in the breeze and the voices of our neighborhood alike.

Today, especially, I brim with joy at sunny blue skies and coffee cupped to ward off the early-morning chill.  Because two of my favorite people EVER are coming to visit me. And I say that with authority, despite having never before actually having met them. Trust me, those of you who know Lori or Shannan can probably agree. All that to say, I don't have long to chat (because I promised them I wouldnt clean up, but I also dont want to frighten them or cause undue anxiety due to all-of-the-clutter) but wanted to pop in with some quick September favorites.

Also, tomorrow happens to be the first day of October. I decided (after much see-sawing back and forth), that I will try and participate. However (as per usual), I make no promises that I'll be here all 31 days. What's my topic, you wonder (the suspense is probably killing you, right?) Pop by tomorrow to find out.

Good reads - around the internets:
How to be friends with supermom - Coffee and Crumbs
It's time to find a better way to protect our daughters - The Perfect Father
What are your favorite parenting books? - A Cup of Jo
This is What Brave Means - Momastery
I'm excited about this whole series (and the e-book), and loved the first post from Micha Boyett on Extending Hospitality to the Word of God
A few people asked about the art project Jayci (and the Blueprint 58 kiddos) were working on in this post. Basically, each girl traced their hand, and then wrote about themselves around their tracing. Then they painted/decorated the inside of their hand. Easy-peasy. Also, I've decided it's the absolutely most perfect snapshot of who Jayci is right at this minute. Adorable, right?

Just finished reading, and loved The House on Mango Street, her voice is just so unique and touching. 
You know there are still protests in Ferguson right? It gets easy to forget, you know? A few articles worth reading:
From Slavery to Ferguson: America's History of Violence Towards Blacks  - The Root
Justice then Reconciliation - Austin Channing Tatum
I need to say something entirely different to white people  - Deeper Story
College football certainly ranks as one of my favorite parts of September, we are going to see these guys play football this weekend, and bringing a few boys along too. I cant wait for them to experience a game Between the Hedges. So fun.

For those of you who read my posts about where we send Jayci to school and why (Part 1 and Part 2), you should definitely go read my friend Shannan (who I get to meet today, wohoo!) and her perspective on sending her kids to their local public school.
If this post feels slightly disjointed and unorganized, welcome to my life. I have been collecting things I think you should read, and trying to curate them into something cohesive just really tends to be an un-scaleable obstacle. Maybe one day I'll be more organized/diligent. Maybe.

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