Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caden's Lego Birthday Party

So about a month ago (I know, I'm behind), Caden turned three (!!) and we celebrated with a low-key, basically family-only celebration. Tragedy of tragedies, I forgot my camera. I had to borrow my mom's fancy point-and-shoot. Disclaimer: this is a very nice camera, I just had no idea how to use it or change settings. All that to say, I wasn't even going to share these less-than-stellar photos of the day, until I realized that the ONLY way anything gets remembered or printed around The Stanley household is if it's posted on here and I turn it into a book at some point. And so, for the sake of Caden's slightly  extremely bootlegged baby book, I give you: Caden's third birthday party.

I somehow decided I would be ridiculous and draw Lego faces on every single cup. My ultimate goal, of course, was for every person to drink from the cup that most aptly described their personality. Oh such lovely forced smiles all around.
He is just too much cuteness for me to handle sometimes. Also, he needs a haircut desperately.
Some of the guests preferred basketball to legos apparently. 
Caden also requested pirate attire for the kids, so I guess it was actually a pirate/lego party. And Jayci insisted on the fancy Target "award" she found for being the "best baby brother ever." 
Again with the cups. I am ridiculous. The angry scruffy face one in the back was the cup I gave Zack. Teenagers man.As usual, Adam made the cake, which means it could not have been any more delicious. He used the Smitten Kitchen recipe for Double Chocolate Layer Cake and then covered the whole thing with marshmellow fondant, which ended up slightly lumpy but still cute and delicious. 


  1. this is too cute! can i steal some ideas from you- we just talked about doing a lego party for our son's 1st!

  2. May you live to be a hundred years, find more
    with one extra year to repent. Happy Birthday!


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