Thursday, August 28, 2014

Library Update of Sorts

I cannot quit the library. 

I am obsessed with it, and all I want to do is open packages of people's favorite books and then put them on pretty shelves in our pretty space. Ashton laughs at me because I am practically giddy with excitement whenever a box of books gets dropped off. Even if I don't know who they are from because they just come from Amazon with nary a note or name to be found. 

Ashton, in fact, was the one who informed me the best way of thanking every one for these anonymous books is to write a giant THANK YOU on "my blog-thing or whatever it's called."

On that note, does anyone know how to get an 18-year-old to boy to tell you all about his heart and have long chats over family dinners? Anyone? Please and thank-you.Recently (yesterday), I roped Jayci into helping me start putting actual library pockets in the back of books, and then I'll have to start doing things like alphabetizing and coming-up-with-a-system. These things are decidedly not my strong suit. Wish me luck!
With all the color and imagination and shelves slowly filling up with books, I am hopeful this will add up to a space that neighbors and mentors and kiddos can use for reading and studying, enjoying the feeling of finding themselves lost in a good book. 
If all goes well, we should be able to open the library doors in the next few weeks. We still need more books, especially children's books and older young-adult books (approx. high school age). Again, any duplicate books will be put into "tiny libraries" in both our yard, as well as a few other yards across the neighborhood, so send me your favorites without worrying we might have them already. 

Thus far, my very scientific methods have led to the discovery that every person's favorite book of all time is Charlotte's Web. Good choice, people. 
Don't want to, or can't, send books? You can still help! Sign up to come take a shift at the library: help stock shelves, read to kids, or alphabetize! Then I won't have to keep singing the alphabet over-and-over while Jayci bosses me around.
I've been begging Adam to let me buy that turquoise cart from Ikea for forever, and now I finally had a reason. Library cart!

And just in case you need proof of the ways you all are making my childhood dreams come true: a book from way back, which I wrote an ISBN number in, for library-playing purposes. I made my sisters check-out books and read them, knowing they would thank -me one day. I'm still waiting, but whatever. 

Tell me: what book (or books) simply MUST find a place on the shelves in the Blueprint library? 

*Semi-related: I've decided to do a series on some of my favorite/must-have books in each category at the library. Stay tuned!


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird, the Giving Tree, Oh, the Places You'll Go, the Story of Beautiful Girl and Little Women.

    1. oh such good suggestions! We have some of these - but I don't think we have the Story of Beautiful Girl or Oh, the Places You'll Go!

  2. I've not forgotten about sending books, I'll try and find time to do that next week, while I'm taking a break and working at the beach :). Also I love that cart, I have it in my office! AND Finally, I am not sure I know the secret, but I have gotten my teenage boys to open up their lives and hearts to me and it most often happens at the kitchen table, I tell people more ministry happens at my kitchen window/table than anywhere else in my world.. don't give up it'll happen! I love you!

  3. Oh my word. THAT LIBRARY CART! And I used to have my own library in my room when I was a kid too! I put labels on the spines of my books and alphabetized them and made a card catalog. :) Do you know what you need?? One of those amazing card-stamping machines that makes the BEST SOUND EVER. (I volunteered in my school library when I was in 5th grade, and that was my favorite part.)

    1. Girl, you have no idea . . . I totally have one :-) someone sent it

  4. do you have a lot of dr. seuss already? also, that 'i cannot live without books' print- where from please!

    1. Hey! I have a few Dr. Seuss, I think we have Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and Ham? . . . Also, I'm trying to find the link back where I got the print -- I'll email you!


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