Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The tiniest freckles

Now that we are home from camp, we have been spending inordinate amounts of time on our cheery yellow front-porch-swing. With our rad new neighbors, and other friends and kiddos alike. I've also been editing pictures and eating cheese and watching all-of-the-episodes-of-the-Bachelorette, but that's besides the point (and I do have a point). The point is this: while sitting on the front porch with my babies in their jammies in the early morning light, I noticed the tiniest of freckles that emerged on their noses under the sun-drenched days at camp. And Lawdy but they are adorable. Seriously. Also, Jayci's missing teeth, emerging grown-up teeth, and the fact that she's about to start REAL kindergarten, like all-day-long-every-day school? Slays me. Seriously. Anyways, I've collected a fairly random selection of articles and such that I've stumbled onto across the interwebs and thought y'all might appreciate (or thought you should read to broaden your perspective, even if you dont necessarily "appreciate" it).
"We have failed at Christianity"
How and why to care about immigration
My friend Sarah writes one of my favorite blogs discussing immigration and reform, she blogs at A Life with Subtitles.

(this is our beloved Decorey making his amazing art for the Accent Decor showroom).
More links/interesting reads:

This is what happened when I drove my mercedes to pick up food stamps
Long-lost photos show what hasn't changed about motherhood in 50 years
Are you raising nice kids?
10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal
22 Reasons We Absolutely Need a Full Season of Mindy Project Next Season
While my friend Danielle and I drove to and from Nashville to visit my little sister, we listened to Eleanor & Park (Ira Children's Book Awards. Young Adult). Which I adored. We laughed together and it definitely made the car-time fly by (although I'm not certain I'd want my teenager reading it, because of the language and such). And I finished reading it (aka listening to it) via Audible while I was on the elliptical at the gym. Mostly because: child care. And I discovered an ability to exercise much longer while listening to a good book. So now I'm listening to The Sea of Tranquility; which I'm also loving so far, although I'm only on hour 2 of 14 so I have lots of working out to do (ps - both of these recommendations are from one of my go-to places for book recs, Modern Mrs. Darcy).

A few articles and interesting info about our neighborhood/area of Atlanta. In particular, the first article is about the middle school our mentored kids attend, and sheds some light on the cheating scandal a few years ago. And the second link addresses a question I have asked myself often as I watched public housing projects torn down in favor of abandoned lots.
Wrong Answer
By 2011, Atlanta had demolished all of its public housing projects. Where did all those people go?

As far as actual books go, I'm currently reading: Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure (more on this later) and The Secret Keeper. I just finished The Thirteenth Tale (re-reading because I love it), and The House Girl (which I enjoyed, but wasn't my favorite book ever). Thanks to my amazing sister-in-law, I have a hot date with my hubby tonight, which will likely involve Mexican food (obviously) and a trip to the book store (because we are crazy like that). Any new books I absolutely have to read/pick-up while we are there?

Finally, thanks to some amazing friends who shall remain nameless (ahem Megan and Christina), we are going on a little family vacation next week. Shockingly, we are resisting the urge to bring along any neighborhood kiddos, Adam and I both felt like we needed some concentrated time with just our family to rest and rejuvenate. I'd love for y'all to be praying that we have a good time of refreshment and togetherness. Although I'm slightly worried that my children are about maxed out on their togetherness and literally can no longer go more than five minutes without fighting or needing me for something. And to quote one of my favorite mama-blogs: for those of us who are introverty, a LOT of time with People, even the People We Love More Than Any Other People in the World, equals a LOT of time having our energy siphoned away, as though all those People were issued Mystical Straws and then they popped those suckers right through our bodies and straight into our souls and slowly but surely sucked our Life’s Essence from our now-useless shells, Dementor style, leaving us empty and breathless and pretty much dead.

So pray for not-that ok? Like that I might also get some very-badly-needed alone time. Amen.


  1. Stop the truck with those sweet freckles. I can not take it! I thought that Mercedes food stamp article was interesting. Clearly it was written to promote the current Preaident as it thanked him for the generous programs. That part of it cracked me up a little. A little too left wing for my taste

  2. but overall, I did like the sentiment. Love more. Judge less! I hope your vacation is killer.

  3. Oh man - what a great round up. now I have my reading cut out for me. Love you friend.

  4. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air! I haven't been the greatest blog reader or commenter in the past few months, but whenever I click over here, I love to see your beautiful photos and read your words.

    Also...I loved Eleanor and Park! That was one I didn't want to end!!


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