Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Bachelorette and other summer wisdom

I literally wanted to write all-of-the-words for y'all this morning. Promise, I did. The problem with my plan for said words lies in staying up long past midnight for the last two nights watching The Bachelorette with some friends. And I would be ashamed to admit it, except our viewing spree is totally legit because in the intro (when Andi says her job as a gang prosecutor involves "putting away the bad guys"), she's in our neighborhood! I recognize the gang graffiti and also the "pink store" on the corner, where some of our most-favoritest-boys-ever love to spend their days and late summer evenings. 
See? We obviously HAVE to watch. Also, I cannot understand Andi's taste or why she would keep Cody around for so long, bless his gym-rat heart. One more thing: I haven't yet watched yesterday's episode, so no spoilers. After-all, it's going to be the most-dramatic-rose-ceremony-yet.  
This summer, full-tilt by now, looms long as the first summer in seven years we haven't spent the majority of our days at Camp Grace. Next Monday, however, we will be taking 42 kids from the neighborhood an hour south to lovely Roberta, GA, for a week-long adventure at camp. I can scarcely wait, mainly because all-of-the-children have been knocking on my door to ask when they are going to camp all-of-the-time. As in, multiple times every single day. Which is both adorable, as well as the most annoying thing that has ever happened to me. 

I am also excited, however, because my own children find themselves well-entertained (by people who are not me), and completely worn out for the entirety of their time at camp.  Which, I think we can all agree, basically seems a dream-come-true. 
Until Monday, we spend our days on my newly built and painted front porch swing (more on this development soon), or romping through the back yard with friends. And also hoping against hope that today might be the day that my children finally start entertaining themselves and/or each other for all the hours of the day. 
And when we cannot stand the large numbers of children who are not in school and who therefore eat all of the food, we typically head to oma and opa's house for a dip in the pool. Although last time, the children only swam for approximately seven minutes before they decided they were finished. Which would be fine, except that it takes at least twenty minutes to get them all ready to get in the pool in the first place. Sigh. 
Also, for the record, Caden swims totally fine and requests that I "not help me!" approximately all-of-the-time. 


  1. guilty- i'm watching andi and her boys too.
    and i have a love/hate relationship with all the extras in the yard.

  2. I'm watching too! Last night was so sad.


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