Friday, June 20, 2014

Reading, Links, and 365

Good reads (links):
What the gang wars and the mommy wars have in common
How to raise a pagan kid in a Christian home
Can you have a church without a prison ministry?
The Theology of Dependence
More good reads (books):
I just finished Cinder and Scarlet, which are the first two books of a young adult series based on fairy tales with a futuristic twist. So basically, Cinderella is a cyborg. I found myself surprisingly into these books, and will be getting the 3rd book of the series as soon as I'm not on camp property in the middle of nowhere. 

I am also currently reading Playful Parenting and The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence, and for my fun reading I just started The Good Luck of Right Now (by the same author who wrote Silver Linings Playlist; it's weird, but I like it so far).

Also, I really thought y'all were going to get all on board with my library idea, and that my reader-friends would send books etc. Come on guys!
I realize I really need to stay more on top of this 365 things . . . I haven't been doing as great a job with it this year (unlike two years ago), so you'll notice lots of gaps where I missed/forgot days. Also, I only upload them here like once a month so it turns into a major overload. I would blame summer and all-of-the-heat and all-of-the-children, but we know that's a poor excuse since this phenomenon began long before the summer-time.

So there's the last month in a nutshell (or in a very-long-photo-montage). Hope you all are also having a beautiful sun-soaked summer. 

*Links to Amazon are affiliate links . . .


  1. I never get enough of your pictures :)

  2. Post a little refresher on your library idea, please??

    1. Hey! I'm working on putting one together now :-)

  3. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.


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