Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Camp Grace and the living is easy

You may or may not have noticed that things have been particularly quiet around here lately, a result of spending the last week and a half at Camp Grace. Last week we brought a whopping 46 kids from our neighborhood (all of whom lived within a few blocks of our house), and this week Jayci and I are here with 15 more. Adam and Caden are spending some boy-time together doing things like working in the garden, hanging out with the neighborhood kids, and whatever else Adam does when I'm not around to make him do the dishes and wear clean shirts.
Hopefully when I'm not at camp (next week), I'll have a little more time for doing things like writing and such. For now, we're enjoying the sunshine and water games and lots and lots of basketball. Also, peach ice cream.

Have I mentioned how much I love being at camp? And it's not just because we get the chance to get all the kiddos out of the hood and into the lake . . . Mostly (if I'm honest), I am grateful for my children's entertainment 24/7, and also all of their meals provided by someone other than myself.

This is our 8th summer at Camp Grace, and only our 2nd summer not working here in some capacity. So it feels a little strange not being a part of the inner-workings of everything, but I am grateful for the ways our sweet friends and counselors love our kiddos and serve them and point them to Jesus.

*As usual, a big thank-you to Accent Decor for sponsoring all 65 (plus 15 more for older kids week) to come to camp. And to Renovation Church for letting us use your buses for transportation, and to friends and family alike who helped us wrangle kids and get them to and from camp safely.


  1. I love Camp Grace! Thanks for sharing the fun pics!

  2. Best ever!! Love this so much. This is good and important work you're doing, sister. Love you. PS - Fanny pack!!!!

    1. I have never been so impressed as I am with J's ability to make even a fanny pack look cool. Not sure I could pull off that look.


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