Friday, May 9, 2014

"This is for all the Anteater Fans"

I've already told you all about Five8Football. About how beautiful it is and how proud I am of Adam for making it happen. And also about how sometimes it just all gets too hard. We had the championship game followed by a cookout this past weekend, and the whole thing was glorious -- from weather to winners to the eating of every last hot dog and hamburger our fabulous City Group cooked (granted, Caden alone ate 3 of them)

I think it really says something about a team when I literally cannot get a picture without at least one boy with his hands in his pants. Seriously. This is the Metropolitan Boom, and they beat the Anteaters in the final game to bring home the giant championship trophy. Because Adam's motto is go big or go home
And here are the Anteaters post-game, minus the few who left immediately because: we lost
It was a beautiful afternoon and evening in a string of perfect sunshine-days, and we ate all-of-the-hotdogs-and-hamburgers, along with plenty of fruit punch and even sweet potato fries, because classy picnic fare basically defines us. Also, because other people brought the food. On that note, big shout-outs and thank-you's to Renovation Church and Blueprint Church for supplying food for SO many hungry teenage boys (no small task). 

Also to Accent Decor and the Mark A Jardina Foundation for generous contributions of supplies, jerseys, score-keeping-things and other football-related needs which I dont even know about, because I just take the pictures.
Side note: I like shadows and early-evening sunshine. 
Caden looks entirely like a big boy and not a baby here. Which is probably why he spent an entire twenty minutes sobbing that I wouldn't let him play football with the boys. 
When these boys won, they kept insisting it was "for all the Anteater fans," I think for proving the Anteaters could be beat. I kept telling that I was actually cheering for all-of-the-teams, because I love all-of-my-boys, no matter what team they are on. Obviously. But they still wanted to make sure everyone knew, so I'm doing my part to let y'all know. You are welcome.
So thank you again to everyone who loved and supported and watched and cheered and coached and refereed, and helped made Five8Football a reality. We love y'all!

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