Monday, May 12, 2014

Blue Skies over Atlanta: 365 and good reads

Just popping in with some of my favorite reads from around the web, and some peeks into our days around here at the Stanley Clan. Yes, we are back in our neighborhood, and we are ok and even had one of the hard-conversations (and we are still standing, yay!) Without further ado, more pictures and links than you'll know what to do with. Oh and happy Monday!
What My Mother Taught Me (Shauna Niequist via Rachel Held Evans)

"Focusing on groceries alone will never solve deep-rooted problems, he said. “Food is important, but what’s more important is the issue of employment. We can’t create a sustainable society when we are just feeding folks. People want to feed the hungry but don’t want to ask why they are hungry.” - Stranded in Atlanta's Food Deserts

Why Girls in Nigeria Should Matter to you #bringbackourgirls (Rage Against the Minivan)

An Invitation to Live Quietly - Micha Boyett

The Ministry of Watching Sparrows Fall to the Ground - DL Mayfield

Missional Living: Prayerfully Attentive in your Neighborhood

Donald Sterling: Facade, Fiction, and Forgiveness

Those People (Scary Mommy)

70% of black high-school dropouts born in 1975 have been to prison 

Better than a light and safer than a known way - Livesay 

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  1. Loved Melody, Becca! Thanks for sharing that video.
    And of course, your photos are the bomb.


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