Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reunited and it feels so good

The Fedex man brought me back my laptop this morning. And I just about jumped for joy or hugged him or something equally ridiculous. Luckily I contained myself (particularly lucky for the Fedex guy).

Now I feel like we have so much catching up to do around here my friends.

For now, though, just a quick 365 project update. And some of my favorite reads from the past few weeks.

I feel as though spending half of the last month with no school and multiple snow days has really thrown off my life in general, and especially my sense of time and accomplishing actual tasks. Hopefully, we can get back into the swing of things now that temperatures are in the 60s (which I love, obviously, but what in the world is up with this crazy weather?)

These two: important, kinda painful, not really "pretty." But I loved them both, and I think you should read them too.
The Problem with little white girls (and boys) 
OK, white folks, here's how you can really help!
Grace Waits
A Careful Charismatic
The Ultimate Guide to Parenthood
3 D's and The Big Three: A Survival Guide to Survival Mode
On Being Jacked and All the Things I'm Not
I've also really been loving the Sacred Scared series that Glennon is hosting on her blog (Momastery). Love. I guess I've been thinking a lot about fear lately, and the ways we can so often overcome fear by showing up anyways.

Speaking of fear, a quick excerpt from one of my favorite things I've written here, I feel like somehow it encapsulates so much of what we do and how we feel about our life here in the city. Also, we spoke again to the same college class (just a new semester and new batch of students). And guess what? They asked so many of the same questions too.

Adam and I have discovered that the similarities between us and our neighbors far outweigh the differences. We've discovered that we belong to each other; and that together we discover Jesus across the dinner table, in the backyard, and throwing the Frisbee at the park. That the lady on the corner is Mikey, never prostitute. Because who among us wants to be labeled and described by our most desperate mistakes? So we learn names. And then we call people by them. Because we firmly believe that Christ would not brand junkie or homeless or drug dealer or gang-banger. Why do I believe this? Because the gospel in my own life carries the freedom and grace in called-by-name, not labeled by the mistakes I’ve made. Not proud, or greedy, or fearful, or anxious, or depressed, or quick-to-anger. None of that defines me in Christ, and living out of my identity in Him is the quickest way to breathe fear-less wherever we find ourselves (read the rest here).

Finally, I leave you with one of Adam's greatest creations (via Smitten Kitchen). Banana Bread Crepe Cake with Butterscotch: this was everything I want in a dessert breakfast: fruity, sweet, tangy, and a little nutty. Plus, we shared it with some of my very favorite people in the whole world.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm glad your back and what I would give to have the "Kisses" photo framed in an antique frame and hung in my bathroom! It is so so so sweet!

  2. Well- I so love that Dapper picture and the reading wots of books.
    And of course I love the Sacred Scared series- because, well I live there.
    (love that you got your laptop back and i'm humbled that you let my jacked post squeeze in here. you're brave.)

  3. So we learn names and we call people by them. Oh, yes! I was just sharing yesterday how it hurts my heart to hear a desperate young adult only referred to as "that druggie" when they are someone else, they belong to people desperately wanting them back. They are sought after by God Himself and they matter. Your pictures are beautiful but it's your words (from your exerpt) I needed today...

  4. Your words and your approach to life are endlessly full of hope, Becca. I am so grateful for that, and so grateful for the nod to my 3 Ds post. Y'all are so full of beauty!


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