Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Because it's been a minute (and Caden's cardiology appointment)

At this point, I'm embarrassed to admit how much I miss my laptop. And not just because I'm behind on returning emails and editing pictures and various other important tasks. Because I miss being able to google things and browse pinterest and check IMDB when I'm watching a movie. Also because I have two full memory cards of pictures from the last few weeks, not to mention video footage of a rap battle the kiddos had in our kitchen.

Enough about my problems related to my apparent laptop-addiction. We've had a crazy couple weeks, which I realize is as-per-usual around here, but that has all been compounded by the number of snow days and holidays we've been lucky unfortunate enough to experience the last week or two. In fact the children were out of school for over a week. And it's not just MY children who i am pleased to see go back to school today: it's the neighborhood kiddos too. It's time, ya'll. Past time really.

Last week, we took Caden to his cardiologist appointment (he has a check-up every six months). In the days leading up to these appointments, I find myself fluttering with a strange mixture of trepidation and assurance that things will be just fine.Mostly because our little boy has all-of-the-energy, all-of-the-time. And his cardiologist keeps telling us we will notice his energy lagging significantly when it comes time for his next surgery. Despite this assurance, I cannot help feeling unsettled perhaps by the mere reality that our son even needs a cardiologist in the first place. I don't know.

Anyways, they did an EKG and an echo, even though Dr. V thought that he could probably gone without an echo since his murmur sounds mostly unchanged. For those who have asked more specific questions about what the doctor said (sorry if this is confusing/jargon-y to those of you who didn't ask/don't care): They said there is a little leakage from the neo-aortic valve (Caden's new aorta, which was previously his pulmonary), but that this is to be expected because all pulmonary valves (yours, mine etc) have slight leakage. We will just continue to monitor this. He also said that Caden's pulmonary valve (which is his donor valve, the one he will need future surgery on), has significant leakage. This has caused slight dilation of the right ventricle.

All of this sounds much more dire, apparently, than it actually is at this point. He said we will need to continue to closely monitor this, but he doesn't think that intervention will be necessary "anytime soon," which is of course really good news. The longer we can wait for his next surgery, the better. Caden will go back to the cardiologist in August right around his third birthday. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers, as always!

In other news, the snow melted and now it's supposed to be like 70 degrees this week. Crazy Georgia weather, y'all. We had fun playing in the snow (well, kind of. It turns out my children are kind of wimpy when it comes to cold. At one point, Jayci was sobbing and asking "but why is it so cold in Georgia?!"). All that to say, good riddance to the snow: bring on the warm weather!


  1. I was praying for Caden's appointment.

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