Monday, December 2, 2013

What I'm Into: November Edition

Thanksgiving, quite frankly, flew past. Even with 3 different celebrations. Suddenly I found myself a few days after stuffing myself with turkey and sweet potatoes, realizing that the calendar had flipped to December and Christmas lays-in-wait just around the corner.
Hastily, we headed with some friends to cut our own Christmas tree. Because lumberjacks, they always cut their own trees. Except it turns out that we live in Georgia, which means that our beloved pine trees don't grow very well here. In fact, most of the trees went beyond Charlie Brown to just sad. And I was down-right grumpy before finally settling on a tree which would be sufficiently full, once shoved back into a corner where at least half would be hidden. The kids didn't care nearly so much as momma did about the tree-quality. Which made me realize (finally) that I should probably just shut my mouth and trim the tree while singing carols and sipping "hot coffee" (as Caden calls hot chocolate). As it turns out, grouchy mommas don't make for happy memories. 
So this month I'm into feasting and getting the house all cozied-up and decked-out for the holidays. Also, I'm into this little boy getting a big-boy haircut for the first time. Although it also makes me a little sad. Stop growing already!

A few reads from the inter-webs I've loved this month:

Also, this post on urban education, because I'm a little bit seething over some of the work one of our boys was having to do today for his chemistry class. The level of quality of his education is simply more-than-a-little-unbelievable. Sigh.

On the actual book-side of things, I just finished reading Orphan Train, and am about mid-way through A Million Little Ways.

Adam and I laughed really hard through the last few episodes of Parks and Rec. Ron Swanson is Adam's hero, and he and April tie for my favorites. Also, the latest New Girl was hilarious. Mindy Project never fails to make me happy. And Scandal, obviously.

We are loving (and watching over and over again) Despicable Me 2. It makes me laugh too, which is a definite bonus. I also loved Catching Fire, and want to take the kids to see Frozen.
And look, a picture with me in it! And Zack photo-bombing. Story of my life. Danielle dyed my hair dark last week, although you cant really tell in this picture because of all the sunshine. 
As a side note to end this post: I know that I said I had come to terms with our scrawny tree. But it turns out that while I was writing this, the tree fell over for the second time. And all Jayci's home-made "cornamants" (as she calls them), broke into little pieces. Along with half our ornaments. So the tree and I are no longer on speaking terms.


  1. So sorry about the scrawny Christmas tree--I don't think I'd be on speaking terms with it either at this point. I love the big boy haircut on your little. It's amazing how much a haircut can change a boy (we just had to give our little a very short, almost buzz cut due to a self-inflicted haircutting incident). Orphan Train is on my reading list. Did you like it?

    1. I did like Orphan Train. It was a really engaging story :-)

      And that hair-cut is killing me, so so big!!

  2. how is he so grown?!! I'm still here. Still reading :) i've missed you friend

    1. I miss you too! Your little girl is getting so big too - I always see her cute little self on your blog and instagram - sorry I'm the worst commenter ever. My ridiculous busy life. Lame.

  3. Lord bless your tree!!!!!! Girl, I searched high and low for a free tree from the woods at my mama's house, but alas, there were none to be had. Shelled our $50 bucks for a tree we have hidden in our dining room, but it's pretty and so far, has not fallen over! =) So sorry you lost all those precious cornaments...(I think I might smile if I were able to lose some of our precious ornaments...) Love the dark locks and of course your heart which manages to bleed through all your words. May your Charlie Brown Christmas tree be made more beautiful in your eyes...And although I hate to admit it, I got crazy mad about the lights on our tree on Sunday...and then I apologized for being a mama jerk on tree day.

    1. Well we paid $20 for our cut-your-own-tree. Lame.

      Anyways, i just love you! :-)

  4. "...grouchy mommas don't make for happy memories." Phew! Story of my life. Or, well, at least my day yesterday. Thanks for voicing your struggle.
    Thankful for the newness of today (and that I have had, so far, an hour by myself this morning while my two littles stomp around in the snow with their dada!). Praying your new day brings new perspective, too (and, possibly, some alone time--away from that tree!) ;)

    1. I'm at a coffee shop all by myself as we speak! Hooray for Chai Lattes and chive/cheese scones :-)

  5. Love all of the Christmas tree cutting pictures! Though I am sorry to hear the tree has not been behaving.


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