Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Links: Advent edition

The holiday season seems fast and furious already. Sigh. I'm tired (story of my life right?)

Anyways, the festivities this weekend included visiting Santa (and picking out a new Christmas tree, to replace the one which wont stop falling over). Jayci had to convince Caden to get on Santa's lap, not that I blame him since he was slightly less than jolly.

Cute kids, if I do say so myself.

Meanwhile, Adam brought some of the boys for a little getaway at the amazing house of some sweet friends. The boys had a blast, and they had olympic events which involved wrangling goats. I'm mostly just sad I missed it, because I can only imagine the antics involved in five boys from the inner city wrangling a goat.
Later that day, we attended my work Christmas party. The best part of this event mostly revolves around good friends and a plethora of family. 
And my date with his fresh haircut.
And my parents sporting their flashing glasses. For those of you who know my dad, this fashion accessory is greatly out of character for him. 
And today was for decking out the Stanley tree and attempting the family photo, which was more than a little challenging on a freezing cold/rainy day. 
If anyone else feels as harried as I do at this point, I thought you might need to read some of these reminders. Of the real reason, of Truth, of grace, and what it means that God incarnate. 
In which Advent is for the ones who know longing - Sarah Bessey
When you're this close to giving up hope - Ann Voskamp
Dwelt Among Us - Austin Channing Brown
Light Your Candles Quietly - Micha Boyett
A Gritty Nativity - Jessica Rock
Jesus isn't the reason for this party - Flower Patch Farmgirl

And a few from right here . . . 

"But joy culminates in a season of longing and loss and hard laboring. And I remember the way a teenager labored unseen to birth a Savior King. And we too labor unseen, waiting for Christmas and His coming and the new beginning we all need." - from Laboring Unseen

"I do know this, as long as God keeps crossing our paths with kiddos and babies and teenagers who need a loving place to eat and maybe even sleep: we will continue to live with our doors flung wide. Maybe not even because they need us, but because we need them. Because without them, without the marginalized, the fatherless, the least-of-these; I have a terrible propensity towards selfishness, towards easy." -from FAQ: About Adoption

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