Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Tour

I currently have approximately 12 minutes while Caden sleeps to pick up my house before my MAGICAL CLEANING FAIRY comes and makes all my dreams come true (aka a cleaning service hired by my amazing friend Hope for my birthday). I used to think my mom was crazy for wasting her money on a cleaning lady when we always had to clean before she came. But now I totally get it. Because I will pick up toys and clutter all day long if it means I dont have to clean my sink or vacuum or dust.

Anyways, I snapped a few quick shots of our (meager) Christmas decor this year. I swear to you that Christmas snuck right up on me this year. Seriously.

Side note: yesterday was my birthday and Adam made me this beautiful shelf for our clawfoot tub. It's perfect for my books and beverage and some candles while I relax. I think I'll keep him.
Another of my favorite birthday treats was that one of our sweet teenage boys from the basketball team got a card and had all our boys sign it at school. It totally made my day, especially because the card depicts the birthday girl running from the police. Also, they all signed with a green pencil-crayon. Hilarious.
Adam also made me a pumpkin-bourbon-cheesecake topped with whipped cream. Obviously the ideal ending to my day.
Anyways, back to the tour. This year for the first time, both kiddos have tiny trees in their rooms. I bought them for a song because I felt bad that our tree kept falling over and our outside lights never even made it out of the box in the hallway.
I kept our mantel simply and easy (or lazy, if you will) and taped up a few Christmas-y things with festive tape. Voila.
Here's the infamous Advent calendar I bought before realizing it needed to be hand-stitched together. Thank goodness Adam also occasionally hand-stitches things for me while I edit pictures.
(awesome Atlanta print from a mobile art studio called #weloveatl - I'm obsessed. Christmas print from Lisa Leonard). 

Just in case you were wondering, we have in fact been enjoying holiday-celebratory-type-things around here. For instance, sometimes the children wear Christmas pajamas and choreograph routines in front of the Christmas tree. The days when this happens are obviously my favorite days. 
 And sometimes my sister comes over and makes delicious cinnamon rolls, which the neighborhood boys describe as hittin' . . .  I must say that I agree.
And these two ice them, which melts me a little. Enough, at least, to ignore the copious licking of the icing spreaders. 
And since there are approximately zero gifts under our tree right now (because that's how many I've purchased), I've got to finish picking up the house before heading out to Christmas shop. It's unfortunate I waited too long to shop online and have avoided the crowds as long as I possibly can. Wish me luck. 


  1. Adam read my mind.... I have been to planning a little shelf for my tub too! Christmas has snuck up on me too!

  2. Okay wait. You have a husband who not only builds things (i know lots of husbands who do that) and bakes things (not a ton do that, but you hear of them now and then), but also HAND STITCHES things?? I've never heard of a husband who does that! You pretty much win. :)

    1. I know right? The hand-stitching was mostly just because I begged him, but still.

  3. THE COORDINATED DANCE IS KILLING ME!! Oh my. goodness. Cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

    1. I know right? you should come over more. You'll be sure to see a coordinated dance at some point. It's even better when Zack joins in, but then it usually involves less ballet.


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