Friday, November 1, 2013

What I'm Into: October (and also, halloween)

Yesterday being halloween, and therefore the end of October, sort of took me by surprise somehow. Like, I should have planned farther ahead so I wasn't trying to figure out how to attach balloons to create grape costumes at about 5pm while hordes of children knocked on the door demanding candy.

All theological ideals and controversial-whatever aside, halloween is one of my all-time favorite days of the year in our neighborhood. Our front porch crowds with kids from all over and we dutifully pass out candy while gushing over costumes or gently teasing the kids who have none. I also love all the moms who carry their own bag to fill with candy along with their children. I prefer to just eat my children's candy, but whatever works.
Without fail, the neighbors all ask if our own children are going as balloons, then laugh and call Adam a rotten banana. Community is a beautiful thing. And when the sketchy house on the corner decorates their lawn and passes out candy, we cannot pass up the opportunity to smile and shake hands and reach across all boundaries in honor of a gospel that brings together rather than divides. 
Because I'm pretty into our family costumes (not to mention all the kiddos), I'm linking up with what I'm into over at Leigh's blog again this month. So, a few links and books and television-things I'm into this month. Also, please note how creepy Adam is in his banana costume. 
From the Web - 
Should is a warning sign - Shauna Niequist
Of Linen and Grace - Angie Smith
Downward Mobility as Reconciliation - D.L. Mayfield
The Resurrection of the body - at The Smitten Word

From my bookshelf -
-I just finished Watchmen. It was my first (and probably last) time reading a graphic novel, and I just wasn't all that into it.
-I also finished Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. Also not my favorite and I even had trouble finishing (which doesn't happen often for me). It's not that I didn't agree with a lot of what she said or that I didn't care etc. I was just a little bored by it, and thought she was speaking to such a SMALL segment of very privileged women. This style of book is not my super-favorite anyways. I need more metaphor and lovely writing than I do facts and such.

-Over just a few piecemeal hours over the last day or two, I read Allegiant (the 3rd book in the Divergent series), and I really really liked it. I actually thought it had a lot of underlying themes that delved deeply into systematic injustices and sacrifice. I liked this series *nearly* as much as The Hunger Games, which is really saying something.
-I'm currently reading Any Day a Beautiful Change, which I love-love. Despite some theological underpinnings and comments and ideas I'm not totally sure about, I adore Pershey's writing and her faith and story of motherhood and marriage are relate-able and written beautifully in a way that inspires me in my deepest parts.

From the screen - 
We have been really into Revolution and Scandal lately. And of course Parks and Rec, The New Girl, and Mindy Project. Because I love to laugh. Also, metal toothpicks.

He couldn't see his feet. Also, we wouldn't let him eat every piece of candy immediately after he received it. Mean parents.


  1. Your family fruit costumes are adorable! What a fun idea. I really liked Lean In, even though it was privileged. I thought she asked good questions and if we as a society took that seriously, it could change the plight of all working women, no matter their situation. I suppose that could be the idealistic side of me speaking though. Glad to hear from someone else who liked Allegiant! And I'm so glad you're enjoying Any Day A Beautiful Change. I adore Katherine's writing.

    1. That's what I meant by that I agreed with everything she was saying . . . It wasn't that I didnt think it was important or that I disagreed, for some reason I just didnt enjoy the book itself necessarily! :-) Anyways, thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I so love you.
    And by the way, your Halloween was fabulous.
    (and yes, Adam is quite creepy in the banana costume.)


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