Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jayci's Room Reveal

Some of you guys (ahem, Candace) have been subtly hinting that I should show y'all more of our house. The problem with that, of course, means I would have to actually finish projects and clean things and other such nonsense.

However, you guys are in for a treat today because Jayci and I worked super-duper hard to get her room (almost) all-the-way-finished and decorated, and even clean! Which is basically a trifecta of preparedness that occurs only very rarely here in the Stanley household.

So without further ado, I give you Jayci's room. It's (very very) colorful and fun, and she had a big say in what made it into the room and what we left out. In other words, if you don't love it, blame Jayci and not me. 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Ikea Expedit bookcase, striped bins, vintage desk, bright rug, green chalkboard "art" wall.
A few of our favorites stacked on her "end table," (which is really 2 antique crates painted in fun colors that I stole borrowed from my mom, and are used as bookshelves).
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Pink sock monkey, antique crates as bookshelves
A long long time ago (so long, in fact, that I cannot find the post back), I posted a picture of this Roman shade and asked if anyone could help a sister out, particularly help that didn't involve spending approximately $100 on roman shades. A sweet friend's aunt offered to sew them for me, but due to some sort of miscommunication, only sewed one. I felt too terrible to re-ask for her to sew another one, so I busted out my sewing machine (only literally years after she made the first one). And then I copied the mess out of her roman shade sewing skillz. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, despite the fact that an actually functioning roman shade is apparently still beyond my abilities. Whatever. 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Gallery wall, DIY chandelier and roman shades, play kitchen, bright-colored rug from Serena and Lily
Cool bird picture between the windows is from my beloved Christine's Creations. Kitchen is from "Santa," (aka hand-me-down-from-a-friend) circa 2011. 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Gallery wall featuring a mix of inexpensive art and photography
Jayci and I totally crafted this slightly-bootlegged "pajaki chandelier" after I saw one on a Beautiful Mess and thought it was cute. Mine is not quite so perfect and beautiful, but Jayci is happy with our finished product. Plus, I managed to let go of perfection just long enough for her to actually help.
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. DIY chandelier and roman shades.
Jayci wanted to pose her in "new room." Please, dont look too closely at that "bed skirt." 
This super-cool Dollhouseis also from "Santa," (aka Amazon) circa 2012. The striped bins I got on sale at Container Store a while back, but they still carry them, and they fit perfectly inside the Ikea Expedit shelving unit we laid on its side for drawing surface and storage etc. 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Art-display chalkboard wall with vintage frames and washi tape.
It's Jayci's room, so she makes the rules. And often sends Caden to time out with the time-out-bottle. 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Gallery wall, DIY chandelier and roman shades, poster and large canvas.
Again, please ignore the bedskirt (it's super-bootlegged, I know. I have plans to add trim. We will see if that actually happens.

The "For Like Ever" poster we have had for like eight years so I cannot remember where I got it. I found them online at Super Rural tonight, in case you're looking to add one to your own collection. I got the canvas (made from one of my own photographs) from Easy Canvas
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. "Reading is cool" print from Etsy
Gallery wall art -
*Reading is cool print - from dazeychic on Etsy (from my bff Courtney for Jayci's first birthday).
*Square bird prints are from Pottery Barn kids circa Jayci's baby shower in 2008.
*Yellow owl embroidery hoop and yellow frame for Jayci's hairbows (which she refuses to wear) - made by my friend Erica (I know, she's talented right?)
*Be Kind print - from Katie Daisy on Etsy 
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Chalkboard wall to display children's art.
Bright and fun, colorful little girl's room on a budget. Vintage desk and child's self-portrait inside vintage frame
Chalkboard/art wall -
*Frames are all thrifted or found at Queen of Hearts Antiques.
*Owl embroidery hoop - from Erica 
*Monkey art is by the amazing Decorey (our resident artistic talent, he did art for Caden's room too).
*All other art is by the super-talented and absolutely fabulous Jayci . . . I especially love the self-portrait. We stuck all the art up with Washi tape from Michaels on Clearance. It turns out that blue doesnt stick very well, so I added the pink tape later. Whatever works (it's my life motto yo).

The super-cute, hot-pink, vintage children's desk is from Queen of Hearts, a lucky find at $5. Don't hate me.

The quilt on Jayci's bed was made by Adam's grandma. She's the best right?

Rug - Serena and Lily (on clearance baby, I waited a long time for this one and did a little happy dance when it finally went on clearance AND I had a 20% off coupon. Bam).

Oh and the wall color is Tame Teal (same color as our kitchen). I know, it for sure should not be called tame. And the chalkboard wall is from Benjamin Moore, where it turns out you can get chalkboard paint in any color you could possibly want. Let me just tell you how long that decision took: A. Very. Long. Time.

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  1. So, I'm totally jealous of her collage of awesomeness. The walls in the kids' rooms around these parts are naked (or nekked, however you may say it...).
    Love that you shared her room-feeling like I gotta stop messing around and throw some glory on my crazies' walls.

  2. I love that my name made it in your post!!! You did such a great job while letting her personality come through. I also love Queen of Hearts, was there just this weekend! That desk! I had an identical one when I was a kid, wish I knew what happened to it!

  3. Is it weird that I want this to be MY room? So cute!!! (Also, I love your unfinished parts, because, HELLO, that's real. Or at least like me.)

  4. her room is perfection! i love all the details and all the COLOR!!!!

  5. GOSH I love this! All your decorating is so effortless, colorful and happy. I LOVE it. What a happy place to grow up!

  6. I think you are the best room decorator in the world.
    Come over and help me right this instant.

  7. So I'm just a TAD behind on blog reading and I'm just seeing this. I LOVE it! What a gorgeous and fun room for a fun little girl!!

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