Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple-picking: the whole story

A few weekends ago (maybe two weekends? I've lost track at this point), I took some of the boys and my own two adorbs children, and we went apple-picking. The boys had never been to the mountains before and peered out the windows as they emerged from open-mouth naps. Jayci and Caden chattered, beside themselves with excitement. The sun shone warm on our shoulders, peeking through the leaves as the boys and small children eat apples as fast as they pick them.

I know, I've written about this whole thing before. And I probably will again. Because I cannot help but think that I'm not alone in my tendency to look at pictures, posts, instagrams, tweets, what-have-you, and make assumptions. About who she is and who I am, and what they're doing and how she parents. How she probably never loses her temper and I most-certainly-do. Or maybe that they’re more together, less messy, better parents, more effective ministers of the Gospel. You name it: I can tend to think it.

But I also know how to take a good picture. And I know that anything can look beautiful in the right light.

And so the last thing I want is to present a face or instagram feed that makes anyone feel less-than. Because I have felt less-than, and it’s just not fun. So when you see these beautiful shots of us picking apples in the mountains with neighborhood kiddos and our own two beautiful children, you should know the whole story.
The way it took nearly two hours to drive to the orchard, not to mention nearly two hours to drive back. We had fast food for lunch on the way there and again for dinner on the way back. We spent an hour or so picking apples, and some of that time was spent throwing apples at one another. The kids threw a fit because we didn’t get them pumpkins. And the line was too long for cider. Just know that for every pretty picture in front of the sunflowers, I have a couple dozen that involve blurry faces refusing to smile. So today I’m trying to extend grace in both directions. Towards myself in the hard times, and towards those I think have things better and/or worse.

All of that said, we eat homemade apple sauce for weeks, while the rest of the apples go bad before we can possibly finish them all. We laugh in the sunshine and make memories, piecing together a patchwork life of family time and build-into-them time. And I know He is making beautiful things from it all.


  1. Thanks for the honesty! I think we all need a reminder that Facebook, Instagram and blogs are a snapshot of someone's life/family. There is no reason to feel inadequate when we put our trust in God....easier said than done :)

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  3. I was just thinking about this today- the fact that I don't ever want to seem to have it all together or make anyone feel like they don't because of my posts. Your children (ALL OF THEM) are beautiful and they are so blessed to have you in their life.

  4. Thanks for the honesty in this post. I loved it!

  5. love your authenticity- your pretty with a little gritty =)
    and yes, you take a dang good picture.

  6. As always, love your honesty and openness. My mom always told me that when we look back on memories, we often recall much more fondly the ones that aren't 'perfect'. The ones that are 'real'. And she is so right. The real moments are the ones we will probably treasure the most. Love your posts.

  7. You are the best disclaimer giver that I know!
    I love the apple pickers.
    My Mom sent over some applesauce for the kids yesterday and I could not stop eating it. Homeade applesauce is the best!

  8. Beautiful... Heart, pictures, kiddos, time spent together in REAL life! Thank you for your transparency! Love all of it!

  9. LOVE your transparency! I, too, am so guilty of felling guilty looking at others' lives through the lens of their blogs, FB pages, and Instagrams and feeling like I will never have it all together and be perfect as they are. Thank you for this reminder. (:


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