Sunday, October 20, 2013

Worth Listening: Links

I know, I know. It's been a few days since I posted here. This week was killer, as it turns out. I ended up watching one of our sweet girls' little ones so she could go to school.

And so my week looked a whole lot like this:
While I realize this is utterly and painfully adorable, I am exhausted. And convinced that every single mother of three children is a super-hero. No exceptions. 

Anyways, I'm pooped. And my children are smitten. According to Jayci: "I just can't stop loving him."

All that to say, I'm going to bed early tonight. And yes, sadly, 11pm is early for me.

I leave you, then, with a few things I've enjoyed and mulled-over and been moved by this week:
The day we may have seen a man die
Jerry Springer Scones: A Love Story
LA Times honors Sister Brenner
Why I'm raising my Christian boys to be feminists
Why Davion is our concern
When She Looks Like Jesus
From my blog - a favorite (and hardest-to-write) post from the past few weeks: On the Front Lines

And I also leave you with this (because, melt).baby photography at The Stanley ClanAs a side note, this picture of Caden being sweet to Amir especially warms my heart because Caden has been having more than a little trouble at school and at church with not-tackling-other-children. I blame the Anteaters (particularly Zack and Adam), for excessively teaching him the joys of tackling and wrestling and being a boy. But I need to make it stop! Help!

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