Friday, October 11, 2013

Things that need hearing

This week was one of those weeks that made me certain Friday just wasn't going to come. Alas, it is finally here! And I am (mostly) feeling better. Which is great news on all counts.

We have a busy weekend ahead, including a fall fun day (join us!) and mentor training (also, join us!).

And one more thing I simply must point y'all towards: A sweet friend, and encourager extraordinaire, has put together a special event to help raise money for Blueprint 58. I got a few questions regarding budgets and money and how our ministry works, and I promise to answer all of those with a post soon. For now though, just know that our ministry doesn't have a large budget and most of what we do comes out of our own pocket, so we are deeply grateful to people like Georgia, and y'all, who support us! If you're interested in the fundraiser, you just shop online with Trades of Hope (which is also a pretty awesome way to support local artisans in poverty-riddled countries). Visit the Facebook Event and shop to give. And THANK YOU, seriously.
Now for a few things I've read and loved and re-read a few times this week. Because listening to voices other than our own stretches us, challenges us, and helps us define what we really believe and why.
Why We Send our Kids to the Poorest Public School
The Good Mother
Shame Rolls Downhill 
Holy Lonely
**To Be Inconvenienced

I also finished reading The Orphan Master's Son, which is based in North Korea, and completely fascinating. It was not an easy read, but I really liked it and thought the author did a great job developing the characters, and making a completely foreign setting come to life for me.

Finally, I've been listening to Gungor's new album: I Am Mountain . . . Because I may have mentioned that I prefer silence to background music (which I do), but sometimes your soul just needs to sing. Am I right?

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