Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Listening to your kids: 3 wishes

First of all, sorry I missed yesterday! In my defense, I was violently ill. Ok maybe not violently, but seriously ill in the kind of way that I simply couldn't make myself do a single. thing. I'm hoping I'm on the mend, I just ate a bowl of soup which is my first food in two full days at least, so let's hope that stays in my belly.
Adam and I have been trying this month to spend more time listening to our kids. I wrote a little bit about being creative with our limited time and chaos last week. A few days ago, Jayci's teacher gave everyone in the class 3 wishes.

I was actually a school-wide activity, and one of the classes shared these as their wishes:
"to be a princess, to have a pet butterfly, to go to the beach." 
"a wand, rocket ship, and for the sky to be purple."
"ghost shoes, a golden flower, and pumpkin socks." 
"to go to a ghost forest, for the whole school to be blue, to see a bear."
"a silver flower, to be a fairy princess, to live in people's houses."
"have a birthday every day, that I didn't have to share my candies with my brother, go to the beach every day."
"go to the pool every day, get a kitty cat, Georgia shirt."
"a real rainbow at my house, grandpa and grandma to stay at my house forever, go to outer space.

Umm, how adorable are they? Unfortunately, Jayci couldn't remember her original three wishes. So we asked her to come up with three new ones and here's what she said:
1- That we would do more crafts (darn it!) 
2- That we would go on a family date where we sleep outside in a tent (Adam has never been more excited)
3- That flowers would all have rainbow petals.

So now our goal this month is to make at least those first two wishes reality, in the spirit of listening to what our children ACTUALLY want. Stay tuned for a family camping trip, and more crafts: Pinterest here we come!


  1. hope you're feeling better, friend.
    (and on another note, I had a 2 hour window of nothing and I mistakenly got on Pinterest, {which I try to avoid at all costs because I get sucked into a vacuum of wanting more, better, newer, etc.} and guess what???
    You inspired me to pin away.
    Pinterest thanks you. =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That was me but I was signed in as Trent. Oops.

      So... I said How Cute!!! We can't wait to take little ones camping =)

  3. We're going camping this weekend! I was skeptical when we went this time last year, but we had a blast!

    1. It was good? I'm so nervous about going with Caden :-)

  4. You can make part of 3 happen during making part 1 happen. Paint some silk flowers!

  5. Fun for all! Wish #3 can become a reality with this tutorial -

    1. going to look at it now :-) you're the best!


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