Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creative Confidence (guest post from Meg at Pure and Simple)

As October draws to a close (what?! how is that even possible?), I'm excited to share one last guest post with y'all (I mean, not last-guest-post-ever. Because you guys have sent me so many awesome posts, I'm sure I'll share more occasionally. Send me ideas anytime). 

Anyways, today's post is from Meg over at Pure and Simple. I love her words, their blog, and especially their 31-day series this year on Finding your Creative Confidence. Creativity and confidence sometimes seem mutually exclusive, and I'm just not sure that's how it should work. I've loved following along with their series this month, so be sure to check it out too! Oh and be sure also to make Meg feel welcome and leave her a comment or two.

Our team has been writing for 31 days about Finding Your Creative Confidence. This series (and really, our blog) were born out of a line we kept hearing over and over from our girlfriends: “I’m not creative” – a line often accompanied by things like, “I could never do that” and “She’s just ___-ier than I am.” So for the month of October, we've set out to prove that whether you believe it or not, you are creative--and we've been boosting our creative confidence a little more each day.
p&s team
A couple of years ago, I would never have characterized myself as creative.

Creative people were good at specific skills. They sewed their own clothes. Their living room decor was pulled together. They wrote poetry and planned good parties. Creativity was for other people, and that was kind of fine with me.

Then, a couple of years ago, I started reading blogs – and by default, I started reading a lot of tutorials, DIY ideas, recipes, and lots of well-written words. Suddenly, I felt surrounded by creative people.

As I read these bloggers' stories, I started to realize that amidst all of their mysterious creativity was a quiet courage. Instead of saying, “I can’t do that,” they were trying things. Cautiously, I started following their lead. In small, simple steps – I tried things too. My confidence grew and I got to know myself better. I started to discover things that filled me up. And sometimes I failed. Which sometimes was hilarious.
Many of us approach the subject of creativity with hesitation. We lay aside the Truth that we have all been made in the image of the Creator--born with the desire and ability to make good things out of mess. This creativity is grace--a grace we simultaneously receive and then withhold from ourselves. We give way too much attention to the small voices inside that say “I can’t” and “I’m not creative." The more we listen to these internal words, the more we start to believe them as truth. And in turn, they start to impact our willingness to take risks.

And there is a risk in trying something new. No one knows this better than me, a self-proclaimed mishap extraordinaire--I added a quarter-cup of salt to a batch of homemade salsa two years ago, my sewing maxim is "Measure once, cut twice," and I can make a lively mess with a blender full of hot liquid. And yet, I wouldn't trade all my mistakes for the goodness I've gained from trying.

This week, give yourself permission to try one new thing. Maybe for you, that one new thing is to change the internal soundtrack you've been listening to. Tell yourself "I am creative." This doesn't mean you have art hanging in a gallery, your home may be as untidy as mine, and it doesn't mean you can pen great sonnets on a whim (honestly, can anyone?)...

But it does mean you are listening to the right voice.

You are creative. And it's as pure and simple as that.

Interested in finding more about your creativity? Click here to take the Creative Personality quiz!


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