Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Picnics, Sunshine, and Playgrounds

Pretty light is my kryptonite, seriously.

Also, picnics and cookouts and a church that comes right into the hood and sets up the grills and invites the neighborhood.
He was throwing a temper tantrum WHILE on the swing. Because, well, being two is hard.
Also, he was having a whole lot of fun spinning around. Or he was terrified. Either way, he refused to get off.
And yes, this did end with both children soaked thoroughly.

Also, a quick prayer request: Caden is going to the cardiologist on Friday. Pray for a good report? Thanks friends!


  1. ohhh friend! your life inspires me. it makes me want to love Jesus and people more. in bigger, braver ways.

    happy thursday, friend!


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