Friday, September 20, 2013

Anteater Pride and More

We had our first (of many) monthly mentor/hang-out/community-building event a few weeks back. It consisted of kick-ball and a cookout, and some bike riding too. I realized I never shared those pictures here. And I've also been collecting some of my favorite reads from around the web the past couple weeks, so I thought I'd combine the many pictures and links into a random and slightly picture-heavy post for your weekend. Enjoy!

We heard Michelle Alexander speak while we were at CCDA last week, and I just finished reading her book too. She shares some powerful and convicting stuff y'all, you should definitely listen to what she has to say: Jim Crow Still Exists in America (from NPR)

Blessings for the Weary - Esther Emery
Missional Anxieties - Deeper Story
Beyond Red and Blue in the Fight Over Food Stamps
6 Words You Should Say Today - Huffington Post
I am Woman - SheLoves
The Language of Lament - Deeper Story
Can't Help - Sarah Bessey

Watch: Y'all should watch this, because good gracious heavens.



Laugh: Surely most of you have already seen this, because it's all over Facebook. But y'all, I could not have laughed harder sitting here all by my lonesome reading this: 27 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn't be Allowed to Text 
The Stanley Clan: Blueprint 58
In other news, the Anteaters had their first game of the season. Which they won. And Ashton yelled "Anteater Pride!" out the window the whole way home while we listened to Katy Perry's Roar. It's sort of our anthem. If you want to purchase your very own hot-pink Anteater's tshirt, let me know! 
The Stanley Clan: Anteater Pride
The Stanley Clan: Anteater Pride
"Come on guys, show some Anteater pride" -Curt
Also, we saw PJ at the football game! Amanda and I might have been a little overly excited about the whole thing. But seriously, he's adorable.

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