Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's about that time

It's been a minute since I posted a random list-style update on our lives and all-the-crazy-fun that's been going on around here. . . You've probably all been holding your breath in anticipation right? The truth of the matter is that I'm strangely exhausted today, and this is just about all I have in me.
* Despite the decidedly-summery nature of the sprinkler pictures (from last week), I'd like to state for the record that I wore boots today. Which makes me pretty excited about the prospect of fall and leggings and scarves. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching and hot chocolate and bonfires with the kiddos . . . Sigh. I adore fall in Atlanta.
* The Anteater's football season is in full-swing. Which, as I had apparently forgotten, means lots of boys over all the time, who eat all-of-the-things. It's fun and exhausting and crazy. This week, in fact, two of the boys got in a big fight including their fists at practice, which is always fun.

Anyways, if anyone wants t-shirts, you can still get them for $10. Also, if you want to contribute to the feed-the-Anteaters-fund (currently non-existent), I probably wouldn't complain.
* We are smack-dab-in-the-middle of the process matching mentors with another fourth grade class at Gideon's elementary. The class, however, seems to keep growing, and we're still short mentors, especially of the male variety. If you're interested, we have another training coming up October 13th, which you can sign up for right here. Just FYI, coming to training doesn't mean you're committing to anything, it's a good way to connect and get more info if you're possibly interested! Also, it's at our house and I promise to convince Adam to make you delicious things. 
* Lately, Jayci has begun the process of actually learning how to read. Every night, she reads me a book before bed. And y'all, this is absolutely the longest process known to man. Truthfully, it's amazing: I love reading, and I want Jayci to love reading, and it's absolutely precious to hear her sound out all the words. However, by the time bedtime rolls around, I am flat-exhausted. As much as I wish I could do a better job of treasuring all of the moments, it's just entirely too hard. I simply want her to sleep so I can enjoy a few brief moments of quiet before heading to bed far-too-late and beginning the whole crazy cycle again tomorrow.
* This is kind of a side-note, I suppose. But it has come to my attention that I didn't do a good job of updating you guys on the results from Caden's cardiologist appointment. Dr. V said that Caden's murmur sounds louder, but his function looks mostly unchanged. This means we have another 6 months before his next appointment, and we just have to keep an eye on him as usual. His valve WILL wear out eventually, but they are hopeful we have a while before that's a serious concern. And judging from Caden's crazy-active-wild-man-all-of-the-time, he is not currently suffering from any decreased heart function. Thanks to all of you for praying and keeping up with our little man!
* Speaking of cardiologist, we are taking Jayci to visit our cardiologist next week. This is not because we are necessarily worried about anything, just a suggestion from our doctor/cardio that Caden's specific heart defect can be genetic and they recommend screening any siblings. The pediatrician hasn't heard any murmur etc, so we're not particularly worried, but would still appreciate prayers.

* I'm not sure if I've mentioned this a time or two (or twenty-seven), but y'all are the best! We are working on a ministry-specific update/newsletter, so if you want to sign up to get that - please do!

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