Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Cause for Celebration: Jayci's Birthday Party

We returned home from our CCDA conference at approximately 3am on Sunday morning. Later that day, we hosted Jayci's birthday party. Admittedly, this might not have been the best idea. The party itself, however, was low-key and fun and full of mermaids (Jayci's request, which she remembered and stuck to for an entire year).

While the girls played tag and blew bubbles and did hula hoops, the teenage boy contingent of the party watched the Falcons.

Emma (obviously) made the delicious, rainbow-sprinkle-encrusted cake. I'm pretty sure she rued the day she agreed to make such a sprinkle-y cake.


  1. A party fit for a princess.
    Whoops. I meant a party fit for a mermaid.
    : )
    You are something else. Getting home at 3:00 am and throwing a party the next day. Dear Jesus, please, please, please let me be like Becca one day. Please. Amen.

  2. Love the picture of her eating her cake and smiling at her little friend. So sweet.

  3. That sprinkle cake!!! Every kids dream! :)

  4. Oh! Happy birthday, Jayci! That cake, as they always are, looks AMAZING.

    And Caden...he looks SO BIG.


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