Friday, August 2, 2013

What I'm Into: July

It's possible I'm in denial about the fact that it's already August. Especially because tomorrow is Caden's second birthday. I'm feeling a little nostalgic, tearful, and grateful thinking about it tonight. I cant wait to celebrate our little miracle man tomorrow. Until then, here's some things I've been loving and wanted to share with y'all from the past month.

In honor of Caden turning two (TWO!?!), a quick shot of my and my baby boy from the beach this past week . . .
This sermon, Christian Cannibalism, by Leonce (at our church, Renovation) has been rocking me a little lately. More on this soon.

I cant stop listening to the new Andy Mineo album (Heroes for Sale) with the kiddos, they all especially love "The Saints."

Adam and I have been watching Scandal. And we can't stop. It's a real problem. Especially for Zack, who has to wait for us to vacate the couch so he can go to sleep. Poor guy.

The boys and I also saw Wolverine in 3d while we were in Florida. And y'all, I have never felt older while I was having my mind blown by the technology of the 3D movie. I'm sure the boys really felt like it upped their cool-factor having me there with them.

I've had more time to read in July than I would have thought (based on how busy we've been).  Mostly because it was a long drive to Florida for vacation, and also because I've been staying up entirely too late reading. Poor decision making: story of my life.

The Lonely Polygamist: A Novel (thanks Shannan for the recommendation - enjoyed it thoroughly!)
The Lacuna
The Swan House
Grady Baby: A Year in the Life of Atlanta's Grady Hospital

I'm also currently in the middle of The Still Point of the Turning World, thanks to my dear friend Katherine. It's making me sad though, so it's slow going with the reading . . .

Favorite Instagram
*For two of our three boys we brought on vacation with us, it was their first time seeing the ocean. I loved being there for the first time they let their toes inch from the shore into the surf . . .

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  1. I love when people share what books they are reading! Which may be why my Amazon wish list has 178 items on it (it's how I keep track of books I might want to read) and I currently have 11 books requested from the local library. Now for the time to read all of these good books!

    Loved all your pics from FL on FB, instagram, etc. The beach is so good for the soul. Glad you all had some time away.

  2. Love the pic of you and Caden!! Happy birthday, handsome guy!! And we love Andy Mineo. We got to meet him at one of the concerts, and our girls were kind of bummed that he doesn't talk as fast as he raps. :)

  3. Oh, How was Grady Baby? That one sounds interesting!

    1. It's super-interesting, but not very well-written and kind of hard to follow. Still interesting though :-)

  4. OMGee...SCANDAL! We have to talk. I die.
    Also, how much do you love Rusty? He changed me forevs. It's a big dang gyp, how that all went down.

  5. What a cute picture of you and your boy! Did you like The Swan House? I downloaded the book forever ago but haven't gotten around to reading it.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

    1. Thanks girl :-) So I guess I'd say I did like the Swan House. It's extra interesting to me since I live and do ministry in inner-city Atlanta, so I know the places, people etc they talk about . . . and I like pieces of the racial reconciliation and incarnational ministry that they talk about. But I also think that it was slightly on the "cheesy" Christian side, and some of the pictures painted are a little simplistic in their views of race and poverty and ministry . . .

      Hope that helps!


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