Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Day I Tried to be a Pinterest Mom

This past week, Adam has been working from about 7am-7pm everyday (for my dad's company, at Americasmart). And, y'all, I am tired.

When Monday rolled around, and I faced family day with just me and my children, I thought maybe I needed a PLAN. Because at least when all the other kiddos are running around, my children are entertained and busy, even if their day is not "structured" in any sense of the word.

I decided that surely somehow I could make myself organized, and peppy, and happy to play with and do crafts with my children all day long. Also, I could certainly feed them creatively/properly, right? So I hopped on Pinterest, and found some craft ideas, and made a LIST of what I was going to do with the kids all day. Hello, planning my day, I'm not sure we've met before.

So here's what our day looked like:

We woke up and I made pancakes for the kids, with pictures . . .

Ok fine, I reheated some of the leftover pancakes that Adam's parents made the kiddos for pancake breakfast Sunday morning. But still.

Then Jayci and I read Bible stories and had a dance party to some Gospel music while Caden took his morning nap. Not even kidding about this one. 

Then we went to the craft store to gather supplies for all our fun creations. After chasing Caden around the store and putting back all the approximately 168 items he pulled off the shelves, we finally made it out of there alive. And I didn't even stop at the drive-through for a diet coke or lunch on the way home.

Lunch was a picnic: peanut butter sandwiches with fruit AND vegetables. It looked exactly like this.

As it turns out, it looked more like a piece of bread folded in half, with orange slices and reheated green beans on divided Christmas plates. Of which my children each ate approximately 2 bites of the peanut butter sandwich. Oh and Caden chewed up all the orange pieces, and then spit them back out. As per usual.

After lunch, we made our craft, which were these "time-out bottles." It seemed appropriate based on the number of time-outs my children have been receiving lately. The bottles actually turned out fairly well, and the kids (shockingly) enjoyed doing them.

Here's the finished product:
And the good news is that they only take about eight hours to settle, so my kids will be having some really long time-outs. Word.

(Not sure why they take hours instead of minutes to settle, yall know I'm a rule-follower so I followed those directions to a T). 

After that, there were naps and picking up Zack, and then we went to our friends' house for dinner. Because she offered to cook us dinner. And I just could. not. fathom. cooking ANYTHING, let alone something healthy and Pinterest-worthy, what with all the playing and reading and crafting and feeding of the children I'd been doing all day.

All this to say, hats off to the Pinterest-mommas out there. You pull off impressive feats of loving and giving to your children daily, and for that you deserve a big round of applause, a weekend at a spa. Or at least a glass of wine. Fo' shizzle. 


  1. Ohmygosh- an 8 hour timeout bottle!! I MUST MAKE. You made my laugh a few times. It sounds like you did a great job. :)

  2. Oh girl!!! I do love pinterest but I cannot. When we were planning on how to announce our pregnancy, I looked on pinterest for like 5.4 minutes and I was like, "NO!" So we came up with our own idea. But that's when I thought, "this is when it starts...this mommy pinterest thing. No." Ha! I love that you're real =)

    PS...we're heading to your neck of the woods! Well, Hampton, GA.

    1. what?! How did I not even know you're pregnant! :-) yay!!!! congrats girl!

  3. I am really freaking impressed : ). The only thing I have done from pinterest this summer was try to help the kids make a slip and slide with garbage bags and it was a horrible fail. My neighbor still isn't speaking to me. I don't know if it is because of the duck tape I can not pull up from the sidewalk or because the kids were so loud and screamy that day...either way, I am not sure if I will try to do any more projects from there again this summer. I am going to use a pinterest recipe for our green beans tonight. We are having company so I actually have to cook like a normal person. We will see how it goes.

    1. haha I love you :-) the duct tape slip and slide sounds fun to me!

  4. I always look at all the Pinterest stuff for kids & think, "whew, that'd be tiring" :) Looks like you all had a picture perfect day :)

  5. This all cracks me up. I am soooo not a pinterest mom but hats off to those who are. I am very limited on my craft skills. But everytime I go to Hobby Lobby I get suckered into trying some project like I'm a total craft mom and it's almost always a big.fat.fail. I'll stick with playdoh :)

  6. I love that there are other Moms out there who are not Pinterest Moms. LOL. I have so many fun kids things planned and then I never do them because it seems exhausting. The time out bottles are adorable, even if it does keep your kids in the corner all day. Haha ;)

  7. I think those time-out bottles would serve my kids well, even at 11 and 13...8 hours of peace...I'm imagining it now. Maybe I just need to get me one of those bottles!


  8. My mom and I spent 4 days at Americasmart buying for our store back home, it is NOT for the faint of heart. I imagine that was a tough week for y'all!


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