Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Actual Update of Some Sort

I realize it has been a while since I posted. I also realize that this phenomenon occurs regularly; however, this time it was on purpose. Because I wanted to leave some breathing room, some thinking and praying room, after the words I wrote about Trayvon and our boys. And speaking of that post: your comments and emails have meant so much to me. Y'all are my people.

Remember how I told you that summer is crazy around here? Yup, still true. And Adam is working with a group of neighborhood boys this week, which means I'm holding down the fort at home with our own two: both of whom are currently sick with nasty colds.
In fact, Caden woke up with such a bad cough yesterday, after slight fevers and runny nose/cough for the last couple days, that we took him to the pediatrician to make sure there wasn't anything going on health-wise we needed to be concerned about. Anyways, he has an ear infection and some other junk, and is now on antibiotics. But the pediatrician also said that he can tell Caden will be needing more heart surgery soon (which we knew, I mean, we know. But it's still hard to hear). We were kind of hoping that wouldn't be for many more years, and that still might be the case. But we have to take Caden to cardiologist at the beginning of September to get his heart looked at again. I would appreciate prayers for peace for our own hearts, and that our pediatrician will be mistaken and that Caden will not need more heart surgery for many more years.

We are finishing up our summer with the usual whirlwind. And I'm starting to think, well this is just never going to stop eh? Because my polite Canadian side comes out when I get really exhausted from all the crazy without a break. That said, we are going to the beach next week! We are also taking a few boys from the neighborhood (and Zack of course), meaning I'm not sure how much of a vacation it counts as. Unless we force them to babysit, a distinct possibility.

Thanks for caring about us, and we would love it if you would pray for a good vacation, a good summer, and wisdom and faith and peace moving forward with Caden and in our ministry. Oh and thanks for sticking around, even when I dont write very often.

Oh, and a few things I've been reading and watching from around the internets.

Stories We Want to Hear (have you noticed how much I love DL Mayfield and everything she writes?)

We will rarely find love in the arms of justice but we will surely find justice in the arms of Love.
-From Every Bitter Thing is Sweet 

On Burnout from Carey Nieuwhof - 9 Warning Signs and 12 keys to getting it back

One Way We Discriminate - from my girl Shannan of Flower Patch Farmgirl. Love.
What do you do when you feel inferior to other parents? From Five Kids is a Lot of Kids
Ann Voskamp's - A Prayer for Sons

And this TED Talk from Ron Finley, a guerilla gardener in South LA. Watch it (warning, there's a few uses of profanity, so maybe not for small listening ears).

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  1. I am glad you share links because you are the person that introduced me to Kelle Hampton and I have never stopped loving her! : )

    Am I a terrible person because I have never jumped on the Thousand Gifts van. I just don't get it. Remember when you were doing that 30 days thing too? I didn't get that either. I don't know if I am just slow, or what? Probably!

    I do think there are one thousand things to be thankful for. Or more like one thousand million things. I think every day is a gift. Even the sick days. Even the scared days. Even the hard, hard, hard (almost impossible) days.

    I will pray for Caden's heart. We do actually pray for him at supper sometimes. We pray for him and we pray for your boys. I LOVE your boys.

    And I love you :)

    Happy Day to you Becca.


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