Sunday, June 30, 2013

Teen Boys Week at Camp Grace (aka my favorite week of the summer)

I dont even know why (besides the fact that I adore my boys and think they're hilarious), but teen boys week is my favorite week at camp every summer. The boys are always hilarious, there's no drama, and they do crazy things like sing and do cheers all night by the light of glow-sticks when the electricity goes off for the whole afternoon/night at Camp. The only downside? They smell after playing basketball and capture the flag all day.

Anyways, I'm currently in Vegas for a work event before flying back home on Tuesday so I can go to teen girls week at camp. So I'm just popping in to share a few pictures from our time at camp last week. Love yall - how are your summers going? I feel out of the loop since I've been at camp and things have been so crazy. . .
Oh and also, if you havent already, be sure to follow the Stanley Clan in your new favorite reader, since Google Reader is going bye-bye. Rage Against the Minivan has a great post on different ways you can keep up with all your favorite blogs.

1 comment:

  1. Favorite. Favorite. Favorite.

    Also, that pic of Jayci with the pink/white stripes looks SO like YOU!!!


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