Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Trip to the Falls

On Friday, we popped over to North Carolina to visit Adam's grandparents. The weather was (unexpectedly) beautiful, the kids were (reasonably) well-behaved, and we didn't sleep (at all). However, we did hike up the falls at Dupont State Forest. There's something about putting feet to dirt, climbing over rocks and into trees that connects me, grounds me. Makes me remember that I am crafted by an infinitely creative and loving God who leads me beside still waters. I am grateful for the reminder.
Also, this one cracks me up. She's silly only every once in a while, much like her momma. 

Pictures from our weekend are making me feel weak-in-my-knees at my long-legged almost-5-year-old girl. Almost five! I just want to clutch her close and stop all this growing-up business immediately.


  1. I'm thinking our families need to meet up the next time you "pop over" to NC! Good gracious, I live in a beautiful state - your photos are gorgeous!

  2. Yeah, come a little further east to the coast and visit us in NC next time! :)


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