Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Break in Washington, D.C.

We spent last week in Washington, DC for Zack's spring break. Thankfully, my aunt and uncle live there, so we totally encroached on their space for the week and tried not to let our chaos overtake them too much. We were there for the most beautiful cherry blossoms, visited lots of museums and monuments, and ate plenty of delicious food. I'll try not to overload you with words for all the things we got to do and see while we were there. Just lots of pictures instead.


  1. We live near DC and don't visit enough! My husband told me that last Wed. was one of the top busiest days for DC Metro (He works for their bus division, but it was rail that was so busy) So if you saw lots of people, you weren't imagining things! :)

    1. It really was crazy-busy :-) Glad to know it wasnt me imagining things (which has been known to happen haha)

  2. I grew up 2.5 hours from DC and I LOVE that city. I can't wait to take my girls when they're a little older. Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you got nice weather.

  3. These pictures are amazing -- frame worthy! I especially love the ones of Zack and Caden with their reflections. Also, I love seeing your kids watching the PBS Kids app, because that is exactly what my kids do when they are in the stroller for a long time. :)

  4. When I first got out of college I was a teacher for one year for students from a housing project in the SE part of DC. I love it there. I love the people. I love the busy-ness. I love it all. So glad you could go for such a fun little trip. I bet your aunt and uncle LOVED having you there.

  5. You slay me with your eye and your dreamy photos! Slay.

  6. You hit all the good stuff! No small feat with small children, a teenager and tons of tourists!

  7. What a completely lovely trip!


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