Monday, March 11, 2013

Why sunshine is good for the soul

I think I've shared with y'all before that I struggle with depression. And sometimes grey skies day after day through winter and past, cold winds, biting rain . . . it all makes everything feel grey. Like the grey is somehow seeping into my very soul.

But then last weekend, we grabbed some dear friends and headed for a quick trip out of the city. Because sometimes we just need a breather, ya know? It was fun and refreshing, if not particularly relaxing with four children aged five and younger. But the sunshine and semi-warm temperatures and swinging in the hammock with my squirmy little kiddos, even though it only lasted a minute, was like a soothing cup of tea for my heart.

And then we took Caden to the cardiologist and the doctor took a good look at my sweet Caden's heart and told us what we already know: it looks beautiful. He continues to be our fiesty little miracle, and although the doctor also gave us a nice long list of concerns and things we may need to watch out for . . . he said he sees none of them in his heart yet, and that he had the best possible surgical outcome based on his defect and repair.

And then there is a day like yesterday. Suddenly everything feels brighter, more hopeful. Our neighborhood comes alive in warm weather, people line the streets and wave and shout greetings to each other. Children line up for the swings, and pile up at the bottom of the slide. Taking Jayci and Caden to the playground is an exhausting exercise in chasing them in two different directions while pushing seven neighborhood children on the swings. The basketball court is full, and Adam plays football with the boys.  They tromp back to our front porch with blades of grass stuck in their hair and mud stains on their knees.
And even the dust dances like magic in the warm sun.

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