Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is how we throw a banquet

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A quick run-down of how we throw a "banquet" here at Blueprint 58 . . . 
First, we give in to the neighborhood boys' relentless begging for a basketball team, despite little-to-no actually knowledge of basketball.

We quickly realize we have far too many boys for one team. So now we have three teams. We recruit coaches and pat ourselves on the back for having so many wonderful friends and neighbors who are willing to help out.
Then we have multiple games on multiple nights of the week for many weeks in a row.  I make sandwiches and cupcakes, we cheer, and I coax boys back onto the team who have quit it anger over losing by more then twenty points. We carpool and practice and help condition and finally make it to the last game of the season.

We say to ourselves "hey we should have dinner with the boys to celebrate them like we did for football." And then realize we have three teams and nearly thirty boys, plus nine coaches . . . Meaning the casual backyard barbeque and awards around the firepit we did for football season might not work as well in this situation.

So we decide to have a proper banquet instead. And use the neighborhood community center, so the boys can invite their parents. We make invitations and buy food and wonder how many kids and/or siblings might show up. We panic a little, and then recruit more friends to make cheesy casserole and to help serve so that the teenage boys dont eat entire casseroles by themselves.

Again, we pat ourselves on the back for having such wonderful friends who help pull off our madness.
We estimate our "banquet" might have anywhere from forty to one hundred attendees. So we make more casseroles, have my sister and mother-in-law make lots of cookies and cupcakes, and buy balloons to adorn the tables. We forget coaches' thank-you gifts at home, but do remember to ask the fabulous Megan to bring her camera and some fun photo props. Boys help put disposable cameras on each table and tie balloons to Jayci's wooden blocks to put in the center of tables. Adam makes sure his mustache looks particularly ridiculous, and we declare ourselves ready.
We eat from a plethora of casseroles (Doritos casserole being the boys' favorite, obviously). Coaches give out awards for "most hustle" and for "most heart." We celebrate our boys in our usual loud and boisterous and hopelessly disorganized fashion. But we have fun doing it. And I think they had fun too. And that's really all that matters right?


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